Tavares Manager Complains of Robbery

Tavares throws kick against Felipe Micheletti

The manager of GLORY light heavyweight contender Luis Tavares has spoken out about the judging in the Dutch fighter’s bout with Felipe Micheletti last weekend at GLORY 66.

Tavares was upset by the Brazilian on a split decision in a bout where neither fighter established dominance.

Speaking with top Dutch combat sports website Vechtsport Info, Luc Smits told the website he believes his fighter was robbed of victory by poor judging in the match with Micheletti.

“We went to the police station today to report the theft,” Smits said. “It is clear that our opponent got the match against Luis from the judges without hitting Luis once.”

The loss was the second consecutive bout in which Tavares was involved in a split decision. In his GLORY return last December, the Rotterdam fighter was the beneficiary of a close judges’ verdict against Latvia’s Artur Gorlov.

According to Smits, who also trains Tavares, the team is implementing changes in the fighter’s style that should avoid a repeat of the perceived unjust decision rendered in the Micheletti bout.

“On the other hand, we have entered a process where Luis implements a much more dominant way of fighting. That is a transition process that knows and has its challenges and bumps,” he said.

“So we are not going to get involved, on the contrary. Even more fuel for our motivation. We do not look at the judges but at ourselves. Where can, should and will we do better. We know exactly where and how we will develop further! The verdict is don’t leave it to the judges.”

This article contains translation from the Dutch language, and any errors or omissions are purely unintentional.

Tavares photo courtesy of James Law/GLORY Sports International

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