Tatneft Cup: 19 July Results

The first stage of the quarterfinal round of the 2019 World Tatneft Cup took place Friday at the Tatneft Arena in Kazan, Russia.

Late replacement Dmitry Baranov advanced with a first-round TKO against Sergey Ponomarev.

In the heavyweight bouts, both Italy-based fighters advanced. Claudio Istrate and Francesco Xhaja both won by knockdowns against Valery Bizyaev and Igor Darmeshkin.

Full results below.

-70 kg: Ivan Kondratiev (Russian Federation) def. Ilyas Boukyoua (Morocco)
Kondratiev (16-4, 12 KOs) knocked down Boukyoua (21-3, 15 KOs) in the first round, and got the better of the action with his boxing skills to earn the victory.

-80 kg: Dmitry Baranov (Republic of Belarus) def. Sergey Ponomarev (Russian Federation)-TKO Round 1
Baranov (19-3, 14 KOs), who took the fight on late notice, was patient and studied Ponomarev (1-2, 1 KO) early. Ponomarev landed a couple of good punches. Baranov landed a couple of good left hooks and follow up punches that knocked Ponomarev down. Ponomarev arose, but a couple of right hands had him in trouble for a second eight count. With Ponomarev obviously dazed, the referee waved off the bout.

+80 kg: Claudio Istrate (Italy) def. Valery Bizyaev (Russian Federation)
Istrate (49-6, 33 KOs) withstood a late Bizyaev rally to advance to the semifinals by advantage by knockdown. Istrate, 14 kg heavier than his opponent, stunned Bizyaev with punches in round one for an eight count.

The tables turned in round two, as Bizyaev became more aggressive as Istrate tired. Bizyaev let his hands go in round three, but couldn’t land a knockdown or knockout punch on the exhausted Istrate.

Istrate won by advantage. Under TNA rules, a fighter who knocks down or scores an eight count on his opponent, but is not knocked down or given an eight count himself, is the winner after the three rounds have ended.

-70 kg: Zhora Akopyan (Armenia) def. Janis Budagov (Russian Federation)-Extra Round Decision
Not much separated the fighters after three rounds, and because neither fighter scored an eight-count or knockdown, the fight automatically went to an extra round.

In the extension round, Akopyan (14-4, 12 KOs) picked up the pressure, and landed some good punches to the head and body to earn the decision over Budagov (4-2, 4 KOs)

-80 kg: Musa Sultaev (Russian Federation) def. Gauwenberg Mbamba (Belgium)
Gauwenberg (61-18, 53 KOs) seemed to have the edge after two rounds, mixing his punches with low kicks nicely. Sultaev (7-3, 5 KOs) had the advantage in round three, as he pressured a tiring Gauvenberg. No knockdowns or eight counts were scored by either fighter, so the bout automatically went to an extra round.

In the fourth, Sultaev continued to get the better of the action against the tiring Gauwenberg to get the decision.

+80 kg: Francesco Xhaja (Albania) def. Igor Darmeshkin (Russia)
Xhaja landed a switch jumping knee late in round four, and a follow up right hand dropped Darmeshkin to earn the Albanian a victory after the extension round. Xhaja had an edge in the first two rounds, while Darmeshkin did better later in the fight.

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