“King Shaka” Returns to South Sudan

Lofogo “King Shaka” Sarour, the Netherlands born fighter who competes for ACB KB and Enfusion, visited his native South Sudan recently. Sarour returned to the war-torn country for the first time in seven years, he said.

After years of unrest, South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011.

However, a new civil war began in 2013, and four million people have been displaced from their homes, according to the BBC.

A new peace agreement was signed in September, and a peace ceremony held.

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I just returned from a three weeks visit to South Sudan to spend time with my Family and to witness the signing of the peace agreement. It has been 7 years since I last been in South Sudan. Even then back in 2011, I, alongside thousands of other South Sudanese’s had the privilege to witness the independence declaration. Unfortunately not long after our declaration of independence which many people have given their lives for, it bursted into a war again. But this all belongs to the past now. The peace has come, and it is there to stay for The Republic of South Sudan!! This doesnt mean that because of the signing of the peace agreement everything just turnt into a field of beautiful flowers. No!! The scars of the war where still visible and even on some moments sensible. There is still alot that needs to be done when it comes to order and development!! But this matter doesn’t discourage me to proudly represent and carry the flag of 🇸🇸 It gave me great strength to see that many people took their time to reach out and spoke of pride, and really showed their love and support towards me. It even gave me greater strength to see that everybody was motivated, eager, and had the zest to work on the process of development with the eyes to a better future, now even more then before. I really look up to all these eager and proud individuals because that is the only way to get things done. Like them I also converted my words into deeds… I got the chance to introduce myself to some very interesting and influential individuals. I had the opportunity to speak with the Second Secretary of the Dutch Embassy and even had the honour to share some words with the vice-president of South Sudan I can assure you guys that these three weeks really have giving me a motivational boost. #sorryvoordesandalenTim🤦🏿‍♂ #whatarethose #sandals #bitterballenmetfufu #southsudan #🇸🇸 #nederland #🇳🇱 #roots #travelling #privileged #proud #love #family #encouragement #development #motivation #africa #fighter #kickboxing #boxing #mma

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