Rico: Badr Will Quit or Get Knocked Out

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Heading into his long-awaited rematch with Badr Hari on 21 December, GLORY World Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven thinks the fight will end in one of two ways: a knockout win for Verhoeven or Hari quitting.

In an interview with Dutch broadcaster Veronica, Verhoeven told the channel “Everyone falls back on their basic pattern when you get tired, I know what he is going to do. He gives up or goes out,”.

The two fighters faced one another previously in December 2016. The bout was on near equal terms before Hari retired in the second round because of an arm injury.

Hari is considered a legitimate threat to Verhoeven based on past performance. The Moroccan was a heavyweight champion for the now-defunct It’s Showtime organization, and also the runner-up in the 2008 and 2009 K-1 World Grand Prix tournaments. At his best, he was thought of as one of the best natural talents in the history of the sport.

The Moroccan does have a history of controversial endings in big stakes bouts. Hari was disqualified in bouts against Remy Bonjasky and Hesdy Gerges, and accused of quitting in a loss to Zabit Samedov in Moscow in 2013.

With a new GLORY contract in hand and a new trainer in Said El Badaoui, it appears the 34-year-old Hari is looking to cement his legacy before he hangs up the gloves.

Verhoeven believes he will be too much for the rededicated Moroccan.

“I drive him crazy. He is not going to know what happens to him, he will only want to leave the ring.”

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