Quick Quotes: Robin van Roosmalen, Petch, Hemmers

Glory 59 Fight Poster

At the Glory 59 press conference last Thursday in Amsterdam, Glory featherweight champion Robin van Roosmalen and top contender Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao were in attendance to discuss their upcoming title fight rematch at Glory 59 on September 29.

van Roosmalen previously defeated Petch by a close majority decision in May 2017 to retain the title. Some observers felt the Thai deserved the decision in their first bout, and Petch has won four fights in a row to earn another opportunity, including two impressive KO victories.

Here are quick quotes from the fighters and Glory Head of Talent Operations Cor Hemmers regarding the bout.

Robin van Roosmalen

Asked if Petch is the toughest opponent he’s faced?
“I think so. I think he’s one of the toughest opponents I had in Glory.”

On Facing Petch Again:
“I feel motivated. I feel like I have to prove something more.”

On the first fight being close, and if he felt Petch won the first fight?
“No. I think he never won that fight. I think I won that fight. These are Glory Rules. People have to keep that in mind. This is not something like Muay Thai. This is Glory. So, I won that fight.”

Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao (Speaking Through Interpreter)
Did he change the game plan since he lost the first fight?
“He trained exactly the same as last time, but he trained even harder than before.”

How he felt on the plane home after losing the fight?
“On the plane ride home, he was a little bit disappointed, but he was happy with his performance.”

What will be the difference this time?
“Petch said he’s just like any other Thai fighter, he’s got a lot of experience. He’s trained really hard, and he’s ready for a war.”

Cor Hemmers
“It’s an interesting fight. The point is Robin van Roosmalen is actually dominating his division. He’s also the only fighter who became two time champion in a different division.”

“What I say, he’s (van Roosmalen) dominating, but what I can say from Petchanomrung, he’s also dominating this division, in the 65 (kg). He win all his fights. He’s getting stronger and stronger. The only one that he could not win is Robin van Roosmalen.”

“Seeing him in his last fights, he’s getting stronger every fight. He has some spectacular knockouts, so I think it will not be an easy job for Robin, and let’s see what will happen next Saturday.”

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