Muay Thai Grand Prix 21 Results

MTGP 21 Fight Poster

The Muay Thai Grand Prix promotion held their 21st event Saturday. Muay Thai Grand Prix 21 took place at the Indigo at the O2 Arena in London.

Here are results from the main bouts.

Kickboxing Rules Bouts (KGP)
-76 kg: Chris Melhuish def. Yusef Ali-Taleb-Unanimous Decision
-66 kg:Tom Mabandia DRAW Babacar Sarr
-60 kg: Charlie Needham def. Aion McRae -TKO
-95 kg: Reon Wong def. Aaron O’Neill-Unanimous Decision
-63.5 kg Ladies: Niamh Kinehan def. Sarah Worsfold-Unanimous Decision (KGP Super Lightweight Title)
-67 kg: Luke Whelan def. Joe Himsworth- KO Round 1 (KGP Welterweight Title Fight)

Full Rules Muay Thai Bouts (MTGP)
-55 kg: Iman Barlow def. Hannah Brady-Unanimous Decision (MTGP Bantamweight Title Fight)
-63.5 kg: Carlton Lieu def. Luca Roma (ITA)-Unanimous Decision (MTGP Super Lightweight Title Fight)
-69.85 kg: Shane O’Neill (IRL) def. Giannis Tsigkos (GRC)-Unanimous Decision (MTGP Super Welterweight European Title)
-67 kg: Michael Pham def. Dale Hughes-Majority Decision (MTGP Welterweight European Title Fight)
-54 kg: Tyree Stevens def. Callum Connor-Unanimous Decision
-50 kg Ladies: Grace Spicer def. Martina Bernile (ITA)-Unanimous Decision

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