Mix Fight 44 Results from Armenia

Promoter Vardan Mnatsakanyan and the Mix Fight Events organization held their third event in Armenia Sunday.

The hard-hitting fight card featured two title bouts and a non-title fight featuring ISKA World Champion Sergio “Dinamita” Sanchez of Spain.

The large crowd at the Dinamo Sports Complex in the capital of Yerevan were treated to an entertaining night of action, as they watched Armenian fighters battle challengers from Spain, Russia, Georgia, Iran, and Cuba.

Mix Fight 44 Prelims Results
MMA: Rafiq Haqobyan (Armenia) def. Aminhossein Zahmati (Iran)-Decision
In the opening bout, an MMA fight in the 72 kg weight category, Rafiq Haqobyan of Armenia won a three-round decision over Iran’s Aminhossein Zahmati. Haqobyan had Zahmati’s back in the second round and looked for the rear naked choke but couldn’t lock in the technique.

K-1 Rules: Aitor Ibanez (Spain) def. Abraham Grigoryan (Armenia)-Decision
Mouthpiece issues cost Abraham Grigoryan in his -62.5 kg K-1 rules match with Spaniard Aitor Ibanez. Grigoryan received two eight-counts for losing his mouthpiece after warnings from the referee, and ended up losing the decision. Grigoryan seemed to have the edge in the bout with greater activity and some nice combinations.

MMA: Qochishvili Soso (Georgia) def. Vazgen Avagyan (Armenia)-TKO Round 1
Georgia’s Qochishvili Soso improved his MMA record to 4-1 with a win over Vazgen Avagyan of Armenia in a back-and-forth battle in the 86 KG weight category.

Soso scored a trip early in round one and quickly advanced to full mount. He landed some strikes but Avagyan got out and eventually ended up with Soso’s back, before Soso was able to escape. Avagyan attempted an arm bar from the bottom but couldn’t get the technique. Soso eventually got Avagyan’s back and landed some strikes for a victory by tap out.

MMA: Nair Melikyan (Armenia) def. Mehdi Fatehipeikani (Iran)-KO Round 2
Armenian champion Nair Melikyan was too strong for Iranian challenger Mehdi Fatehipeikani in their 72 kg MMA contest.

Melikyan landed some good punches and forearms from inside Mehdi’s guard in round one. In round two, Melikyan landed some good punches and Fatehipeikani showed a strong jaw, before Melikyan ended the bout with a spectacular KO.

Melikyan used a jab to the body to set up a big right hand upstairs, then followed with another left and right to knock Fatehipeikani on his back for a stoppage victory.

K-1 Rules: Levon Hakobyan (Armenia) def. Avtandil Khachapuidze (Georgia)
In the final Mix Fight 44 prelim, Belgium-based Armenian Hakobyan won a close decision over Kachapuidze. The bout was contested in the -76 kg weight category.

Hakobyan patiently pressured behind a high guard, and mixed his punches nicely. Khachapuidze adjusted and began timing Hakobyan coming forward with his left jab. Khachapuidze had a good second round, landing some nice punches to the head and body. He threw a big flurry early in round three, but Hakobyan scored well as the round wore on and Khacapuidze tired.

Mix Fight 44
Muay Thai: Roman Kalashyan (Armenia) def. David Andreasyan (Armenia)-Decision
History was made when the first bell rang for the bout between Andreasyan and Kalashyan. It marked the beginning of the first-ever WBC Muay Thai Title bout to be held in Armenia. After five tough rounds, Kalashyan won the decision and the honor of being the inaugural WBC Muay Thai National Champion of Armenia in the 72.5 kg weight category.

MMA: Arman Sahakyan (Armenia) def. Freddy El Gigante (Cuba)-KO Round 1 (Strikes)
In a “David vs Goliath” battle in the +95 kg weight category, the smaller Sahakyan scored a quick knockout over the hulking Freddy. Sahakyan threw a left-right combination as El Gigante came forward, and the right landed and knocked the giant to his knees. Sahakyan kept punching from behind and Freddy flattened out on his stomach, and was taking punches when the referee intervened.

MMA: Hovik Zakarian (Armenia) def. Viktor Kutubidze (Georgia)-TKO (Tapout from Strikes)
The last MMA match of the evening was a 71 kg battle between Zakarian and Kutubidze. The Armenian quickly got a bodylock and took Kutubidze down, ending up in full mount.

Zakarian landed elbows and punches from the top position, as he kept his weight low and tied up one of Kutubidze’s arms. Kutubidze absorbed punches and was unable to escape and eventually tapped out.

K-1 Rules: Otar Gogoberishvili (Georgia) def. Sergio “Dinamita” Sanchez (Spain)-Decision
Gogoberishvili used his height and reach advantages effectively, throwing nice one-two punch combinations. He was able to catch Sanchez with punches when the Spanish fighter tried to step into range. Gogoberishvili began to push forward, and continued to outscore the Spanish fighter. Sanchez had some good moments and was able to slip punches, but Gogoberishvili had the edge in the bout. The Fite TV stream stopped for a couple of minutes while the decision was announced so the official result wasn’t available.

Main Event: -72.5 kg ISKA Kickboxing Intercontinental Title Fight
-72.5 kg: Mihran Enoqyan (Armenia) def. Mairbek Midiev (Russian Federation)-TKO Round 2
Enoqyan was shorter but quicker and threw a strong combination early in round one. He was able to close the distance quickly with his feet and also counter effectively when Midiev threw kicks. In the second round, Midiev’s legs were shaky after Enoqyan landed a left punch. Enoqyan attacked and the fighters ended in a clinch on the ropes. Midiev turned away and appeared to complain to the referee about an elbow. He took the eight count and didn’t want to continue, and the fight was stopped.

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