Kunlun Fight 73 Results

Kunlun Fight 73 took place Sunday in Sanya, China. The highlight of the event was an 8 man 70kg tournament featuring all Chinese fighters. Feng Xingli prevailed to win the tournament. In a fight matching two top European female fighters, Anissa Haddaoui defeated Anke Van Geste. Here are results and brief recaps of the kickboxing bouts from today’s event.

Feng Xingli WD3 Liu Yaning-Wins 2018 KLF 70kg Road to Clash 8 Man Tournament
Feng kept the pressure on Liu, who looked to score with punches at distance. A Feng knee got through Liu’s defense in the second to drop Liu for the bout’s only knockdown. Nothing much happened in the third. Feng’s aggression and knockdown earned him the tournament championship.

Tan XiaoFeng UD3 Mohammad Ghorbanpour-80kg Super Fight
Score one for China over Iran, as XiaoFeng was the better fighter in a slow 80kg match up before the tournament final.

Feng Xingli TKO1 Liu Hainan-2018 KLF 70kg Road to Clash SemiFinal
In a bout with a surprise ending, Feng survived two knockdowns to come back and score a TKO win over Liu. Liu knocked down Feng with a couple of punches early in the first round, and dropped Feng again in a corner as he tried to finish the fight. Feng got up and survived and fired back on occasion as Liu tried to end the bout. After Liu threw a couple of punches, Feng grabbed him and threw a knee that appeared to land on Liu’s sternum. Liu went down. The ref called a down, and Liu was unable to beat the count.

Liu Yaning TKO2 Zhu Baotong-2018 KLF 70kg Road to Clash SemiFinal
Zhu took the fight to Liu in the first round, and ate some solid punches from the shorter Liu. Seconds after the second round started, Liu threw a body kick that partially caught Zhu on the arm/elbow. Zhu raised his arm to alert the referee, and then dropped to his knees. Referee Sassan issued an eight count and waved off the bout, giving Liu a place in the 70kg Road to Clash Final.

Wang Wenzhong UD3 Miran Fabjan-90kg Super Fight
The “Slovenian Rocky” got off to a bad start, as Fabjan was issued a yellow card by the referee, presumably for failing to make the contracted weight. The bigger Wang landed more often and the better quality shots, as Fabjan mainly fought defensively. Fabjan was not sharp at all with his timing-perhaps a layoff or the weight cut impacted his performance.

Wei Ninghui SD3 Kenta Yamada-66kg Super Fight
Wei was a crowd favorite, with the crowd cheering him on in a China-Japan rivalry match up. The smaller Wei was the quicker man, and taunted the Japanese veteran when Yamada scored with leg kicks. Wei connected with some good left hooks in the bout. Yamada scored with some good strikes here and there, but Wei’s punches were the more eye catching techniques.

Alexander Belikh TKO3 Asihati-(Lightweight MMA)

Anissa Haddaoui UD3 Anke Van Geste-63kg Super Fight (Females)
Haddaoui fights out of Mike’s Gym and is the reigning Kunlun 61.5kg winner. Belgium’s Van Geste also has an impressive resume, with an Enfusion title to her name. Haddaoui fought a smart tactical fight to prevail. The taller Van Geste was the fighter coming forward, but Haddaoui looked to connect with quick punches as she came in. Good fight. The scores were 30-28 (twice) and 30-29 for Morocco’s Haddaoui.

Sun Zhixnag UD3 Ban Yungsong-64kg Super Fight
Sun applied pressure to the Japanese fighter, who was taller and looked to establish distance with kicks early. Ban picked up the pace in the third round, but Sun was able to land some good punches in close and won a unanimous decision. Scores were 30-28 (twice) and 30-29.

Feng Xingli WD3 Hu Yafei-2018 KLF 70kg Road to Clash 4/4
The quicker Hu looked to land left hooks early as the southpaw Feng came in. Hu used low kicks and push kicks to keep distance. In the third, Hu picked up the tempo and scored with some front kicks to the face. Feng was the aggressor however, and the judges awarded him the decision even though Hu seemed to edge the bout with better quality scoring shots.

Liu Yaning WD3 Song Shaoqui-2018 KLF 70kg Road to Clash 3/4
Song had a good third round as he applied pressure to the shorter Liu, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the gap on the scorecards. It seemed to be a close fight with not much to separate the two fighters. Liu had landed some good punches in the second round.

Zhu Baotong TKO2 Lu Xiaohan-2018 KLF 70kg Road to Clash 2/4
Zhu picked up the pace in the second round and landed some punches that bloodied Lu’s nose. The medical staff examined Lu’s nose and allowed the bout to continue. Shortly thereafter, Zhu dropped Lu with a left hook during an exchange. Lu got up, but the bout was soon halted due to Lu’s nose possibly being broken.

Liu Hainan WD3 Tian Xin-2018 KLF 70kg Road to Clash 1/4
Liu fought off the back foot, throwing combinations as Tian Xin came forward. Liu outboxed Xin to pick up the win.

Bubigere WD3 Liu Jixin (2018 KLF 70kg Road to Clash-Alternate bout?)
Both guys did the better work with their hands.. Bubigere landed the better punches. A Bubigere left hook in the second shook Liu.

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