KOK World Series in Slovakia 2019: Results

The King of Kings organization held its second event in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia Saturday at the Liptov Arena.

Before a large and vocal crowd, Slovakia’s Martin “Paco” Pacas won the KOK Interim World Heavyweight Title with a unanimous decision over former WAKO Champion Michal Turynski of Poland.

Lightweight contender Vladimir “Terminator” Konsky, the 2018 KOK Slovakia Lightweight Tournament Champion, was too tough for Britain’s Robert Vereyken. Konsky knocked down the Brit and won a unanimous decision.

Full results below.

KOK World Series in Slovakia 2019 Results

-62 kg: Cyril Pazitny (Slovakia) def. Igor Tkacuk (Ukraine)-TKO Round 3 (Body Shots)
The KOK World Series event opened with a bout between two 21-year-old fighters at the start of their professional careers. Pazitny (13-2, 9 KOs) and Tkacuk (7-2, 1 KO) started the bout quickly, before Pazitny established control with his body punching attack.

A left hook to the body hurt Tkacuk for an eight-count in round two, and Pazitny knocked him down moments later with a combination with a left hook downstairs followed by a knee.

In the third round, Pazitny scored two more eight counts on Tkachuk, both times landing left hooks to the body that hurt the Ukrainian.

-75 kg: Mykola Gavryliak (Ukraine) def. Milan Kovac (Slovakia)-Split Decision
Gavryliak (15-6, 4 KOs) was too sharp for Kovac (10-5, 7 KOs), catching him with jabs as Kovac came forward, slipping punches, and landing some good knees to the body.

Gavryliak turned up the pressure in round three and landed some good punches. Kovac was bleeding from the nose and  fatigued but still came forward.

-72 kg: Vladimir Konsky (Slovakia) def. Robert Vereyken (United Kingdom)-Unanimous Decision
Vereyken (26-5-1) had the edge in round one as the Brit landed a few low kicks and punches. Konsky (89-33-1) started to work his jab-low kick combo in round two, and scored a knockdown with a right hand as Vereyken backed up after he threw a low kick. There were some good action in round three with both men landing. Konsky’s strikes carried more power and he won a unanimous decision.

-93 kg: Ivan Bartek (Slovakia) def. Pascal Toure (France)-Unanimous Decision
Bartek (34-10, 24 KOs) won a workmanlike three-round points win over Toure (17-5). The French fighter fought off the back foot looking to time Bartek with body kicks as he came forward. Bartek scored more with punches as the fight continued and won the decision.

+93 kg (Heavyweight): Martin “Pacos” Pacas def. Michal Turynski (Poland)-Unanimous Decision (Pacas Wins KOK Interim Heavyweight Title)
In the main event, Pacas (42-9, 15 KOs) earned an opportunity at the KOK World Heavyweight Title with a decision win against the tough Turynski (23-11).

Turynski fought cautiously, looking for openings, and landed a couple of front kicks to the face and low kicks in round one. Pacas picked up his work rate and landed some good punches and low and body kicks to gain the advantage on points.

After the bout, the Slovakian heavyweight king seemed pleased to win the interim title, but wasn’t happy with his performance.

“Thank you. This fight was very bad for me because style of opponent was very crazy,” Pacas told Daniel Austin of FightBox HD and KOK Fights TV.

“I think next fight will be better than today fight,” he said when asked about facing KOK World GP Sarajevo tournament winner Aleksandr Dimovski for the KOK World Heavyweight Title.

Turynski was complimentary of Pacas and gracious in defeat.

“I think Martin is very great fighter. Loss with him is not loss for me,” he said.

“It was very good fight. I hope you like hard fight. We do it.”

FightBox KOK Hero’s Series 2019 in Slovakia Results

The FightBox KOK Hero’s Series 2019 in Slovakia took place before the main card, and featured both kickboxing and boxing matches. Results below.

-60 kg (Boxing): Filip Barak (Slovakia) def. Siergeh Kiszka (Poland)-Unanimous Decision
Barak landed some hard body punches and left hooks upstairs to earn the three-round decision over Kiszka. Kiszka showed nice movement, stepping in with combinations before moving back to the outside.

-62 kg (KOK Kickboxing Rules) Bohdan Kopkin (Ukraine) def. Dominik Antl (Slovakia)-Unanimous Decision
Ukraine’s Kopkin (10-5, 2 KOs) used pressure and superior boxing skills to earn a clear points victory. Kopkin landed good punches to the body and head, also scoring with knees to body at close range. Kopkin slipped Antl’s punches and countered effectively, and scored an eight-count in the second round with a knee to the body.

-58 kg (KOK Kickboxing Rules): Viktoria Docekalova (Slovakia) def. Michaela Kacerova (Slovakia)-Unanimous Decision
In an-all Slovakian female match up, Docekalova outscored Kacerova to earn the judges’ decision.

-81 kg (Boxing Rules): Stefan Halus (Slovakia) def. Martin Orsuliak (Slovakia)-TKO Round 3
Halus (3-2, 1 KO), a southpaw, had the more damaging punches and stunned Orsuliak (8-3, 1 KO) more than once in a well-matched boxing contest. In round three, Halus connected with a right hook that landed near Orsuliak’s temple and wobbled him. The referee gave Orsuliak an eight-count, but he looked exhausted as he leaned on the ropes and the fight was stopped.

-75 kg (KOK Kickboxing Rules) Josef Hurak (Slovakia) def. Filip Rzondek (Poland)-Extra Round Split Decision
Hurak (9-6) prevailed by a thin margin after an extra round in a hard-fought battle. Rzondek (12-9) had a point taken away by the referee in the third round for a foul.

-85 kg (Boxing Rules) Adrian Valentin (Slovakia) def. Maciej Lisek (Poland)-KO Round 1 (Left Hook to Liver)
Valentin improved his record to 5-0 with a first-round stoppage versus Poland’s Lisek (40-5). Valentin began to find his distance and landed a good shot, before landing a left hook in the liver area that dropped Lisek. Lisek was in pain on the canvas and the fight was stopped.

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