KOK: Turkey vs France Results

The King of Kings organization (KOK) in association with Mr. Erkan Varol brought the KOK World Series back to Sakarya, Turkey Friday.

A large crowd at the Hendek Bayraktepe Arena and international viewing audience on KOK Fights TV witnessed the action.

In the Team Sam-Rad vs France challenge, the Turkish team won a clean sweep of all five bouts on the broadcast.

Iran’s Masoud Minaei scored a spectacular victory in the main event. Minaei knocked out Dutch fighter Kevin Hessling with a high kick in the first round to win the WKU European 75 kg Title.

Here are results.

Muzaffer Gemiri (Turkey) def. Jamshiobek Tursunbaev-TKO Round 2
Gemiri scored two knockdowns and an eight count to win via second round TKO in the opening bout of the broadcast.

-Heavyweight: Jafar Ahmadi (Iran) def. Rejebay Akramov (Turkmenistan)-Decision
Ahmadi (48-5, 16 KOs) started the bout well. He landed a high-kick followed by a punch, and the referee called an eight count. Ahmadi began to tire in the second round, and the pace of the match slowed. Both fighters received a point deduction in round three for a lack of action.

-Heavyweight: Ramazan Paramisov (Russian Federation) def. Burak Durgun (Turkey)-Decision
Paramisov (6-1, 3 KOs), 7 cm shorter and outweighed by 17 kg, got the better of the exchanges with his quickness. The Russian fighter also landed some good low kicks, and took the fight to the tired Durgun (11-3, 5 KOs) late in the bout.

-75 kg: Masoud Minaei (Iran) def. Kevin Hessling (Netherlands)-KO Round 1 (High Kick)
Hessling (42-8-3) came out throwing kicks to establish distance. Minaei (30-3, 14 KOs) fought mainly from the southpaw stance, and began to score with left body kicks. Late in the round, Minaei threw a left punch followed by a right hook, then a left high kick that landed and knocked Hessling under the ropes. Hessling was counted out, and Minaei won the WKU European Title with the victory.

-71 kg: Fukan Kurabag (Turkey) def. Mouhammad Zahdou (France)-Decision
Turkish national champion Kurabag (10-2, 3 KOs) controlled the action and won a clear decision against France’s Zahdou. Kurabaj had Zahdou on the back foot, and scored an eight count in round two with a right hand. The Turk’s low kicks appeared to hurt Zahdou (15-6, 3 KOs) late in the bout.

-58 kg: Ozgenur Avcil (Turkey) def. Allison Dissieux (France)-Decision
The smaller Avcil (12-1) got the better of Dissieux (4-2, 1 KO) to earn the decision.

-62 kg: Kerem Dincer (Turkey) def. Enzo Barcos (France)-KO Round 3 (Left Hook to the Body)
The bout started at a quick pace. Dincer (11-5, 10 KOs) landed some clean left hooks upstairs and low kicks in the first round. Barcos was the fighter who applied pressure. Late in round two, Barcos (15-8, 2 KOs) appeared tired and received an eight count after a right hand to the body. Barcos was hit by a good left hook to the body in round three and went down for the count.

-75 kg: Abdullah Kaplan (Turkey) def. Hirachidine Saindou (France)-Decision
Kaplan (11-3, 5 KOs) got into range and landed some solid punches and knees to the body in close. Saindou (35-6, 5 KOs) was knocked down once and also given an eight count in round two. Kaplan continued to pressure and get the better of the fight in round three to earn the decision.

-75 kg: Mustafa Akdemir (Turkey) def. Jerome Valla (France)- Split Decision
Akdemir got the decision in an entertaining bout against the tough Valla.

-71 kg: Gokhan Boran (Turkey) def. Mehdi Mehdizane (Azerbaijan)-KO Round 2 (Body Shot)
Boran (17-4, 10 KOs) landed some good body kicks in round one. In round two, Mehdizane (7-2, 2 KOs) was hit with a good body punch and he went down. He got up but wasn’t able to continue and the fight was stopped.

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