K-1 Featherweight Championship Tournament Card Results

K-1 June 17 Poster

Murakoshi Yuta of Japan won the K-1 Featherweight Championship Tournament Sunday, defeating Elias Mahmoudi and Jorge Varela by decision before stopping Saikyo Haruma in the tournament final. Bellator MMA veteran Kato Hisaki won his heavyweight super fight against Makoto by extra round decision. GLORY veteran Massaro Glunder received a red card for fouls and was disqualified against veteran Yasuhiro Kido in a welterweight super fight.

Here are the results from Sundays K-1 event. Apologies for any misspellings or errors.

Yokoyama Tomoya KO2 Kubo Kazuma-Super Featherweights (Prelim)
Kaito KO1 Watanbe Toshiki-Welterweights (Prelim)
Suzuki Hayato D3 Kondo Kaisei-Super Lightweights (Prelim)
Izawa Namito UD3 Ito Kento-Featherweights (Prelim)
Egawa Yuki KO1 Yuta Otaki-Featherweight Championship Tournament Reserve Fight
Jorge Varela KO1 Kaito Ozawa-Featherweight Championship Tournament First Round (1)
Murakoshi Yuta SD4 Elias Mahmoudi-Featherweight Championship Tournament First Round (2)
Ashizawa Ryusei KO1 Silviu Vetez-Featherweight Championship Tournament First Round (3)
Saikyo Haruma SD3 Asahisa Hirotaka-Featherweight Championship Tournament First Round (4)
Kato Hisaki SD4 Makoto-90kg Super Fight
Kido Yasuhiro DQ3 Massaro Glunder-Welterweight Super Fight
Gonnapar Weerasakreck KO2 Anpo Rukiya-Lightweight Super Fight
Murakoshi Yuta WD4 Jorge Varela-Semifinal: Featherweight Championship Tournament
Saikyo Haruma UD3 Ashizawa Ryusei-Semifinal: Featherweight Championship Tournament
Yamazaki Hideaki UD3 Nakazawa Jun-Super Lightweight Super Fight
Kimura “Phillip” Minoru KO1 Yamagiwa Kazuki-Welterweight Super Fight
Noiri Masaaki KO2 Vincent Foschiani-Super Lightweight Super Fight
Urabe Koya KO2 Black Dragon-Lightweight Super Fight
Murakoshi Yuta TKO1 Saikyo Haruma- Murakoshi Wins Featherweight Championship Tournament Final

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