K-1 Super Lightweight Tournament Results

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K-1 held its super lightweight tournament Saturday in Tokyo.

Kaew Weerasakreck reigned supreme, defeating Tetsuya Yamato, Yodo Yoshida, and Daizo Sasaki to win the eight-man tournament.

Jordan Pikeur of the Netherlands, who trains out of Mike’s Gym, defeated Minoru Kimura in a 68 kg super fight.

K-1 Veteran Yasuhiro Kido won his match against Jonathan Tuhu.

Main Card results below.

Main Card
-Super Lightweight Championship Tournament (Reserve Fight): Daiki Matsushita def. Fumiya-KO Round 1

-Super Lightweight Championship Tournament (1): Daizo Sasaki def. Sam Hill-Unanimous Decision
-Super Lightweight Championship Tournament (2): Jun Nakazawa def. Sean Clancy-KO Round 1
-Super Lightweight Championship Tournament (3): Yodo Yoshida def. Mo Abdurahman-KO Extension Round
-Super Lightweight Championship Tournament (4): Kaew Weerasakreck def. Tetsuya Yamato-KO Round 1

-Featherweight Super Fight: Yuki Egawa def. Haito-Decision Extra Round
-Cruiserweight Super Fight: Hisaki Kato def. Rui-KO Round 1
-Women’s 50 kg Super Fight: Kana def. Josefine Knutson-Unanimous Decision

-Super Lightweight Championship Tournament Semifinal 1: Daizo Sasaki def. Jun Nakazawa-Unanimous Decision
-Super Lightweight Championship Tournament Semifinal 2: Kaew Weerasakreck def. Yodo Yoshida-Extra Round Decision

-Welterweight Super Fight: Yasuhiro Kido def. Jonathan Tuhu-Unanimous Decision
-Featherweight Super Fight: Urabe Hirotaka def. Ryusei Ashizawa-KO Round 3
-68 kg: Jordan Pikeur def. Minoru “Philip” Kimura-KO Round 3
-Featherweight Super Fight: Alex Rivas def. Yuta Murakoshi-Unanimous Decision

-Super Lightweight Championship Tournament Final: Kaew Weerasakreck def. Daizo Sasaki-Unanimous Decision (Weerasakreck wins tournament)

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