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As the promoter of over sixty events and hundreds of bouts, GLORY Kickboxing has had its share of memorable moments.

Recently, the organization held polls on its social media platforms to allow fans to vote the best KO in GLORY history.


The voting began with eight candidates in contention. The eight KOs were presumably chosen by GLORY staff.

GLORY World Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven was the only fighter included twice-for his stoppage wins over Benjamin Adegbuyi in their rematch and grudge match stoppage against Jamal Ben Saddik.

Some fans disagreed with the quarterfinal choices, wondering on social media why Raymond Daniels two-touch high kick KO of Francois Ambang wasn’t included on the list. Daniels spectacular kick has been called “Knockout of the Century”.


A few days later, the semifinalists were announced.

They were:

Troy Jones KO of Casey “Go” Greene via high kick at GLORY 58.
The Petch high kick KO of Abdellah Ezbiri at GLORY 53.
Rico’s TKO by punches against Ben Saddik at GLORY 49.
Guto Inocente’s spinning heel kick KO of Demoreo Dennis at GLORY 27 in 2016.


After the second round of voting concluded, fans were left with two choices.

Petch’s knockout against Ezbiri, and Inocente’s demolition of Dennis.

And the winner was Guto Inocente! The Brazilian previously won Knockout of the Year for 2016 for the kick against Dennis, and now Inocente’s spinning heel kick has been voted the best KO in GLORY history.

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