GLORY 66 Results

GLORY 66 took place Saturday at the Zenith in Paris, France.

Here are results:

GLORY 66 Main Card:
-Welterweight: Cedric Doumbe (France) def. Alim Nabiyev (Azerbaijan)-KO Round 2 (Doumbe Retains GLORY Welterweight Title)
-Super Bantamweight: Anissa Meksen (France) def. Sofia Olofsson (Sweden)-TKO Round 1 (Meksen Retains GLORY Super Bantamweight Title)
-Welterweight: Hamicha (Morocco) def. Adam Hadfield (United Kingdom)-TKO Round 1 (Body Shot)
-Light Heavyweight: Felipe Micheletti (Brazil) def. Luis Tavares (Netherlands)-Split Decision

GLORY 66 Superfight Series:
-Light Heavyweight: Artem Vakhitov (Russian Federation) def. Donegi Abena (Suriname)-Split Decision (Vakhitov Retains GLORY Light Heavyweight Title)
-Light Heavyweight: Artur Gorlov (Latvia) def. Yegish Yegoian (Armenia)-Unanimous Decision
-Lightweight: Stoyan Koprivlenski (Bulgaria) def. Mohammed Jaraya (Morocco)-TKO Round 3 (Jaraya Cut, Doctor Stops Fight)
-Heavyweight: Antonio Plazibat (Croatia) def. Nordine Mahieddine (France)-Unanimous Decision
-Featherweight: Aleksei Ulianov (Russian Federation) def. Masaya Kubo (Japan)-Unanimous Decision

-Lightweight: Michael Palandre (France) def. Vlad Tuinov (Russian Federation)-Split Decision
-Middleweight: Matej Penaz (Czech Republic) def. Matthieu Ceva (France)-TKO Round 1 (3 Knockdowns)

-Super Bantamweight: Sarah Moussaddak (France) def. Aurore Dos Santos (France)-Unanimous Decision
-Lightweight: Guerric Billet (France) def. William Goldie-Galloway (United Kingdom)-Unanimous Decision

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