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GLORY 55 took place Friday night at the Hulu Theatre in New York City. Alex Pereira retained his middleweight title for the second time, while Petchpanomrung gained the interim featherweight title by split decision over Kevin Vannostrand. In a heavyweight match up, Junior Tafa settled his social media feud with Anthony McDonald, stopping the Oregon fighter in the first round.

Alex Pereira (BRA) def. Yousri Belgaroui (MOR)-KO First Round (Retains GLORY Middleweight Championship)
Pereira won the rubber match between the two rivals with an awesome one punch knockout of top ranked Belgaroui. Belgaroui came out throwing some hard kicks. With the two fighters in the center of the ring, they both threw right hands. Pereira’s was a well placed overhand right that caught Belgaroui near the top of the head, and dropped him flat on the back. Belgaroui tried but could not beat the count and the fight was waved off. Official time was 2:29. Pereira is now 28-6(18). Belgaroui is 24-5(12).

Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao def. Kevin Vannostrand-Split Decision (Wins GLORY Interim Featherweight Title)
Petch seemed to be the clear winner but had to settle for a split decision in a physical bout plagued by excessive clinching. Referee Big Dan warned both fighters, and the Thai was docked a point.

“They’re both hugging like crazy,” the ref was overheard saying after round three.

It was a strange fight. Vannostrand has a big height and reach advantage, but he never really tried to use it. He circled early but the fight soon became a clinch fest, as Petch would slip a punch and grab or just grab as Vannostrand came inside. Vannostrand did his share of grabbing also.

Petch landed some nice low kicks-Vannostrand went down more than once from sweeps. Petch also landed some good right hooks and scored with knees when they clinched. Vannostrand landed some good punches but they didn’t have much of an effect on the Thai.

Scores were 48-45, 47-46, and 46-47. Petchpanomrung will face featherweight champion Robin van Roosmalen later in the year in a rematch of an earlier contest won by van Roosmalen on points.

Junior Tafa (AUS) def. Anthony McDonald (USA)-TKO 1 Heavyweights
The Twitter beef is over.

Tafa had the last laugh on “The Joker”, knocking down the American fighter three times to win by first round TKO. McDonald came out working the body kick. He tried to step in with a knee and ate a solid counter. Tafa countered a McDonald jab with a left hook to score the first knockdown. A right dropped McDonald again. McDonald was covering up on the ropes, and a right uppercut and right hook got through, and McDonald went down and the fight was over. Official time was
2:20. Records: Tafa 19-3(15). McDonald 8-3(6).

Victor Pinto (FRA) def. Nate Richardson (USA)-Split Decision 65kg/Featherweight
A close fight in which both fighters used their hands a lot. Richardson was the aggressor. Pinto also connected with some good punches, and landed some solid body kicks in the bout. In the end, the judges favored Pinto’s well rounded attack with scores of 29-28 twice and 28-29. Pinto won for the 76th time as a pro against 29 losses.

Elvis Gashi (USA) def. Nick Chasteen (USA)- Unanimous Decision 70kg/Lightweight
Gashi remained unbeaten before a partisan crowd. Gashi fought in his customary pressuring style. Chasteen landed some good low kicks and punches, but Gashi landed the better shots. A body shot hurt Chasteen in round two. Scores were 30-27 and 29-28. Gashi is undefeated in 22 fights with 10 wins by stoppage. Chasteen is 8-5.

Glory 55 Superfight Series
Cedric Doumbe (FRA) def. Alan Scheinson (ARG)-TKO 2 77kg/Welterweights
Former champion Doumbe made it two consecutive impressive stoppage wins as the Frenchman easily handled Scheinson. Scheinson’s plan was to pressure Doumbe, and he ate some big punches in round one. Doumbe was credited with a knockdown that appeared to be a Scheinson slip. The fiery Argentine protested to the referee. In round two, Doumbe landed some hard low kicks early. A right hand following a left scored knockdown number two, as Scheinson went down and again complained of a slip. Doumbe kept attacking with punches and came up high with a couple of knees with Scheinson trapped in the corner. Scheinson was not offering much resistance and referee Chris Wagner stopped the fight. Records: Doumbe 70-1-6(41). Scheinson 51-7(37).

Tiffany Van Soest (USA) def. Sofia Olofsson (SWE)- Split Decision 55kg/Super Bantamweights
Former champion Van Soest won a close split decision over Olofsson in an excellent fight between two highly skilled women. Van Soest started the bout well, using her boxing and movement as Olofsson looked to counter with left kicks to the body. In the second, Van Soest wobbled Olofsson with a high kick, but the Swede was catching up to Van Soest and landed some good shots and knees in the clinch. Olofsson continued to apply pressure in round three, closing the distance with quick straight punches and outlanding Van Soest. Official scores were 29-28 twice and 28-29. Records: Van Soest 19-3-1(6). Olofsson 47-8(21).
This was Olofsson’s first ever kickboxing match, and the Muay Thai fighter’s first loss since 2015.

Itay Gershon (ISR) def. Trevor Ragin (USA)- TKO 2 70kg/Lightweights
Israel’s Gershon, fighting out of the southpaw stance, looked to crack Ragin with body kicks as the Virginia fighter came forward. Later in the round, Gershon dropped Ragin with a big left hand punch. Ragin got up was still dazed. Gershon landed another big punch early in round two and followed up with punches and a spinning kick, before another left dropping Ragin again. Ragin beat the count but was wobbly, and the bout was stopped. Gershon improves to 16-4(6). The tough Ragin is now 7-4(3). Official time was 0:36 of round two.

Asa Ten Pow (USA) def. Justin Greskiewicz (USA)- TKO 1 65kg/Featherweights
Prospect Ten Pow showed impressive hands and body punching in taking out Muay Thai veteran Greskiewicz in less than a round. Ten Pow had Greskiewicz backing up, and stunned him with a right hand before an accidental low blow led to a delay. Ten Pow hurt Greskiewicz with a left hand downstairs before another body shot dropped Greskiewicz. Another left hook to the body dropped Greskiewicz soon after he got up. The veteran courageously beat the count again. Ten Pow continued to follow up and the bout was stopped at the 2:59 mark of round one. Ten Pow improves to 6-1(5). Greskiewicz is now 41-23-3(18).

Jacob Rodriguez (USA) def. Joe Taylor (USA)-Unanimous Decision 85kg/Middleweights
Rodriguez applied pressure to New York’s Taylor, who employed a hit and move strategy. It seemed like Taylor did enough to get the nod, as the New York fighter landed some good punches but the judges rewarded Rodriguez for his pressure in giving him a unanimous decision. Scores were 30-27 and 29-28 (twice). Rodriguez is now 3-2. Taylor is 5-2(3).

Jonathan Di Bella (CAN) def. Ahmad Ibrahim (PAL)- Unanimous Decision 125lbs
Di Bella, a 21-year-old southpaw fighting out of Montreal, impressed in a unanimous decision win over East Coast favorite Ibrahim. Di Bella went on the offensive early, and showed good quickness and power. A left kick to the body led to an Ibrahim knockdown in round one, and another body kick followed by punches dropped the Palestinian for the second time. Ibrahim survived the round and landed a few good punches in the second. Di Bella was still throwing thudding body kicks in round three, and looks like a prospect to keep an eye on. Dibella remains unbeaten at 7-0(3). Ibrahim, who had won four straight bouts after losing his pro debut, is now 4-2. Scores were 30-25 twice and 30-26.

Zarrukh Adashev (UZB) def. Geoffrey Then (USA)- TKO 1 135 lbs
Then started aggressively, and the more experienced Adashev caught him coming in with some good shots. Adashev scored with a nice spinning back kick, and moments later he dropped Then with a big overhand left. Then was able to beat the count but stumbled forward, and referee Chris Wagner halted the bout. Official stoppage time was 2:34. Adashev improves to 14-3(6). Then suffered his first loss, and is now 2-1.

Brandon Cuttino (USA) def. John Morehouse (USA)- Unanimous Decision 155lbs
Cuttino looked to work behind his jab, and Morehouse looked mainly to counter. Cuttino pushed the tempo, and seemed to be ahead after two rounds based on his work rate and aggression. In the third, Cuttino caught Morehouse with a push kick to the body and knocked him down. Morehouse got up and was docked a point by the referee for holding as he tried to weather the storm. A Cuttino spinning back fist dropped Morehouse moments before the final bell. Scores 30-24 across the board. Cuttino improves to 4-1(1). Morehouse slips to 10-8.

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