Daniel Ghita-Luis Tavares Fight Cancelled

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The blockbuster heavyweight match up between Romanian star Daniel Ghita and Enfusion champion Luis Tavares scheduled for September 15 in Antwerp, Belgium will no longer take place.

Enfusion released a statement earlier today stating that Ghita “will be taken off” the Enfusion 70 card, promoted in association with the Antwerp Fight Organisation.

According to Enfusion, Ghita asked for more money for the match, despite already being under contract for the fight. Enfusion was not willing to agree to the new purse demands, with the end results being the fight is off and Enfusion no longer willing to work with Ghita. Enfusion’s announcement stated Ghita will never be invited to fight for the organisation again.

The 37-year-old Ghita is a phenomenal talent, with knockout wins over many heavyweight contenders during a standout career. Ghita unsuccessfully challenged Rico Verhoeven for the Glory heavyweight title, and has not competed in a kickboxing bout since 2014.

Earlier this year, Ghita aligned himself with trainer Nick Hemmers and Enfusion announced Ghita would face Tavares in September. Fans have been looking forward to seeing “The Savage Samurai” Ghita compete again for months, and today’s announcement was a blow to fans around the world.

The Enfusion 70 event will¬† still take place, with Enfusion champion Jonay Risco facing Nordin Ben Moh. More news about the opponent of Tavares “will follow soon”.

What will happen next with Ghita’s comeback is anyone’s guess. One thing is for certain: fans looking forward to seeing Ghita come back are disappointed.

Here is the Enfusion official statement:

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