Gerges: Unfinished Business With Badr

Former It’s Showtime champion Hesdy “Fighterheart” Gerges today commented on the recent doping suspension of rival Badr Hari.

Hari accepted a 19-month suspension from Glory Kickboxing last month for a failed drug test in 2018, taken after he won a decision over Gerges at GLORY 51 in Rotterdam.

Gerges also tested positive for a banned substance, but maintains his innocence and did not agree to a punishment.

The win by Hari at GLORY 51 avenged a previous loss which took place in the It’s Showtime promotion in 2010. Hari was disqualified in that bout after he kicked Gerges while he was down from a slip.

Hari’s win last year has since been changed to a no-contest in the aftermath of his failed doping test.

After last year’s rematch, Gerges called for a trilogy bout with Hari. He later left GLORY  to sign a contract with Bellator.

Today, Gerges said he thinks there is still some unfinished business with Hari, but doubts the two fighters will face one another again.

“It was good to share the ring with you for the second time. It’s sad that we still didn’t finish it well at the end.”

“Now we have one win for me in  a way I don’t like. And one no contest in a way I don’t like…For me it was something we had to put straight and that is still not done now and I don’t think that it will happen again…Anyway I wish you the best with your new contract…Good luck! Osu!,” Gerges wrote on Instagram.

Photo Credit: James Law/GLORY Sports International

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