Hesdy Gerges Free From Doping Accusations: Case Could Not Be Proven

Hesdy Gerges Weigh-In Pose

Former It’s Showtime Champion and longtime GLORY heavyweight contender Hesdy “Fighterheart” Gerges says the doping case against him is now over.

The Egyptian-Dutch warrior posted on his Instagram account a judge decided the allegations brought by the doping control personnel could not be proven, and the case has been closed.

Gerges was accused of doping after a positive drug test after his March 2018 rematch with old rival Badr Hari. Hari won a decision in their long-awaited sequel.

Hari also tested positive. The Moroccan accepted a suspension from GLORY for the positive test result, and his decision win over Gerges was officially changed to a no-contest. Hari, who GLORY curiously signed to a new contract while under suspension, is eligible to return to GLORY competition later this year.

While Hari accepted a suspension, Gerges has vehemently denied he cheated, and refused to accept a reprimand from doping authorities. He’s steadily maintained his innocence, and now appears free of the accusations that brought his sportsmanship into question for a number of months.

Here is the translated (from Dutch) version of the fighter’s statement:

“Did you know a few months ago that in every newspaper and on TV you could read and see that I had been caught with doping and that I was going to get a suspension for years?

“Did you remember that after all that fuss, they suddenly offered me a settlement because they realized they had a very incoherent story against me?”

“Did you remember that I didn’t sign the sanction proposal ‘a warning’ because I don’t need a warning for something I didn’t do? Because I didn’t sign she called and emailed me constantly to persuade me to sign anyway and they said that things can go wrong in court blah blah.”

“I said I don’t sign for something I haven’t done. Last night the trial was a year and a half after the dates of the match. The judge ruled that he wouldn’t pronounce because he had a very messy case where a lot of documents were missing that the authorities didn’t have and so doping use couldn’t be proven. So again it’s like I said! When are you going to see that you can’t make me small? Hesdy is the winner of the competition without doping! NOW ALL MEDIA HAVE TO TAKE THIS UP AND RECTIFY MY NAME! But I’m sure that won’t happen! Osu! #FIGHTERHEART.”

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