Gerges: Doping Matter Settled, Name Cleared

Hesdy Gerges Weigh-In Pose

Former It’s Showtime Champion and GLORY contender Hesdy Gerges says he has settled the doping allegations against him, and his name has been cleared.

Writing on Instagram today, the fighter said he made an agreement with the doping authorities to sign a “warning” letter, but ” nobody can accuse me of using doping and neither can the doping authorities.” (translated)

Gerges, as has been widely reported, was one of four fighters who allegedly tested positive for banned substances and faced suspension, according to a Dutch television program. Badr Hari was also named by the TV show.

Today, Gerges said his doping test results indicated the presence of a “non-performance-promoting substance.” He was initially reluctant to sign the warning because he maintains his innocence, but eventually changed his mind. (translated)

There has been no announcement by Glory to confirm Gerges statement.

With Gerges case seemingly settled with a warning and his name cleared, the fighter should be free to compete in the Netherlands and beyond. Gerges last fought in MMA for the Bellator organization.

The Egyptian-Dutch warrior also took a shot at old rival Hari in the statement, asking GLORY “when will we reverse the result with a win for me?”, referring to their rematch at GLORY 51 last March. Hari defeated Gerges by decision in that bout.

Allegedly, Hari and Gerges both tested positive during doping tests after the rematch held in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

While Gerges has mentioned the doping accusations in social media posts more than once, Hari has been quiet lately.

“No controversy. No huge communication campaign. The facts will speak for themselves,” Hari wrote on Instagram on 31 January regarding the allegations.


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