Fall Kickboxing Schedule Filling Out

New Dates for Enfusion, KOK
Two of the largest kickboxing promotions Enfusion and KOK recently made announcements regarding their 2018 schedules. The good news for fans is both organizations added more shows to their schedules, and fans will be in for a busy season after the summer break.

Earlier this year, Enfusion commentator Vinny Shoreman said the organization had 20 dates planned for 2018. That makes Enfusion the busiest major kickboxing promoter outside Asia. Enfusion’s next event is the Diamond Edition show on June 23 in Groningen, Netherlands, which will be their 10th event thus far in 2018.

After breaking for July and August, Enfusion has eight kickboxing shows and two MMA events planned for the rest of the year, reaching the magic number of 20. Here is the Enfusion schedule for the rest of the year.


June 23 Groningen, Netherlands

September 15  Antwerp, Belgium

September 29 Hamburg, Germany

October 6 Madrid, Spain

October 13 Holland (MMA)

October 27 Oberhausen, Germany

November 10 Lisbon, Portugal (MMA)

November 17 Groningen, Netherlands

December 1 Ostrava, Czech Republic

December 7 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (72.5kg Tournament)

December 15 The Hague, Netherlands


King of Kings
KOK ran their big Bushido MMA event on May 4 in Lithuania, and was also involved in the Zhara Fight event on May 30. KOK will present their annual Summer Special Edition event on June 23 in Limassol, Cyprus. Two weeks later, the organization journeys to the fabled York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, in the UK for KOK 58.

KOK also announced the organization will hold an event on September 29 in Slovakia, and will collaborate with Mix Fight Events on a show to take place in Spain. Here are the KOK events scheduled so far for the rest of the year. It’s likely another couple of dates will be added.

June 23 KOK 57 Limassol Cyprus

July 7 KOK 58 York Hall, London, UK

September 21 Kaunas, Lithuania

September 29 Slovakia

October 13 Tallinn, Estonia

October 27 Riga, Latvia

November 17, Vilnius, Lithuania

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