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Enfusion Talents #62 took place today in Groningen, Netherlands. Here are results.

-67 kg: Ilias Zouggary (MAR) def. Bahez Khosnaw (NLD)-Decision
Zouggary knocked Khosnaw down in round one, one and scored an eight count with follow up punches. He tried to finish Khosnaw in round two but Khosnaw survived. Zouggary improves to 13-0-1. Bahez is now 27-1-9.

-85 kg: Edwin Martirosian (ARM) def. Guillermo Blokland (SUR)-Split Decision
Martirosian did the better work and picked up a split decision over Blokland in an 85 kg match up. Martirosian improves to 17-1-5. Bloklaw is now 15-4-11.

-85 kg: Khalid El Bakouri (MAR) def. Martin Reemeijer (NLD)-Decision
El Bakouri edged Reemeijer in a well-matched bout with a good amount of action. Both men scored effectively with uppercuts, hooks, and kicks, and Reemeijer’s nose was bleeding in round one. El Bakouri seemed to do the better scoring in round two, as Reemeijer began to tire. Round three was another good round, and the judges voted for El Bakouri El Bakouri improves to 37-0-7(15). Reemeijer is now 18-2-6(4).

-70 kg: Nawid Tahoeni (IRN) def. Kenny Wolly (NLD)-KO Round 1
Tahoeni stunned Wolly and then caught him with a big left punch that dropped Wolly. Wolly did not beat the count and the bout was halted. Tahoeni improves to 46-2-15(12). Wolly is now 19-1-8.

-85 kg: Piet van de Berg (NLD) def. Richard Kaauw (NLD)-Extra Round Decision
In an exciting well-matched bout, van de Berg outhustled Kaauw to earn an extra round decision. It was a give and take bout, with both men finding openings for their shots. van de Berg started the extra round well, with Kaauw doing better later in the round but coming up short. Close fight. van de Berg improve sto 13-1-5(5). Kaauw is now 13-2-5(4).

-63 kg: Brahim Akdi (MAR) def. Gelanio Venema (NLD)-Unanimous Decision
In a match up of young fighters, Akdi was too strong for Venema. Akdi had a size advantage and was able to pressure Venema, scoring effectively with knees in all three rounds. He also had success landing with his push kick. Venema was wearing down late in the fight from the pressure. Akdi improves to 6-0-1(2). Venema suffers his second loss to slip to 5-1-2.

-67 kg: Daychemar Coeriel (CAW) def. Naoufal Hamdi (MAR)-TKO Round 2
Coeriel hurt Hamdi in round two, leading to an eight count from the referee. Coeriel continued his attack and Hamdi was in bad shape from the punches and the fight was stopped.

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