Enfusion Results from Darmstadt, Germany

Enfusion Darmstadt Fight Poster

Enfusion #87 and Enfusion Talents #73 took place today in Darmstadt, Germany. The fight card delivered solid action to the audience. Khalid El Bakouri claimed the previously-vacant Enfusion 85 kg World Title with a points win over Anis Bouzid. Results below.

Enfusion Talents #73 Results
-58 kg: Kaschmir Mobaritz def. Kerem Can Mezineler (Turkey)-Decision
-63 kg: Besnik Bedjeti (Albania) def. Max Muschalik (Germany)-Decision

-75 kg: Tyrone Pfeifer (Germany) def. Chris Obiango (Democratic Republic of Congo)-TKO Round 3
German prospect Pfeifer (19-1-1, 9 KOs) scored a third round stoppage over the tough Obiango (15-5, 9 KOs). Pfeifer, a southpaw, scored a knockdown with a left hand in the second, and then scored an eight-count later in the round. Obiango was on shaky legs at the end of the round. Early in the third, the southpaw landed a beautiful straight left which dropped Obiango on the seat of his pants. Obiango beat the count but the fight was stopped.

-57 kg: Lucy Verhoef (Netherlands) def. Aylina Engel (Germany)-Decision
The taller Verhoef wore down Engel with pressure and body work to earn the victory. Verhoef landed some good front kicks and knees to the body and looked for knees to the head on the inside. Engel landed a few good punches, but Verhoef was in command as the bout wore on.

+100 kg: Sandro Zulcic (Bosnia) def. Eren Kara (France)-TKO Round 2 (Punches)
Unbeaten prospect Zulcic (12-0, 5 KOs) got hit with a few good punches in the first round by the smaller and heavier Kara (5-4). In the second, Zulcic hurt Kara with a right hand and the follow up punches led to an eight count. Zulcic kept up his attack on the exhausted Kara. More punches led to Kara turning away and referee Joop Ubeda waved the bout off.

-63 kg: Jeton Bajra (Germany) def. Olan Celikdal (Turkey)-Decision
In an evenly matched and entertaining battle, Bajra won a close decision. Bajra was the aggressor while Celikdal looked to catch him at distance. Both fighters landed some good punches, and Celikdal also landed some clean low kicks. The fight seemed very close with Bajra landing some good punches late to get the victory.

-72.5 kg: Murat Tuysuz (Turkey) def. Kevin Henneken (Netherlands)-KO Round 2 (Left Hook to the Body)
Henneken (20-5, 9 KOs) was the busier fighter early, mixing his punches and kicks. Tuysuz picked up his work rate later in the round, and was able to get inside. Tuysuz (17-3-1) was doing well in round two as he continued to pressure Henneken. The Turkish fighter stepped in with a left hook to the body that dropped Henneken for the count.

Enfusion 87 Results
-72.5 kg: Seif Harnafi (Morocco) def. Artur Scherer (Kazakhstan)-Decision
Harnafi took the fight to Scherer (33-6, 13 KOs), who sought to fend him off and move. Harnafi (8-1, 2 KOs) showed good punching power, while Scherer also scored well with his hands and knees to the body. Neither fighter was knocked down or hurt, and the judges favored the harder shots and aggression from Sarnafi. Ukrainian legend Artur Kyshenko was in Scherer’s corner.

-52 kg: Cindy Silvestre (France) def. Hara Dimitroula (Greece)-Decision
Great back-and-forth battle. Dimitroula (35-6, 6 KOs) had success with her boxing in round one, landing some nice straight punches. Silvestre (55-29, 6 KOs) landed some good punches in round two and bloodied Dimitroula’s nose. Dimitroula battled back late in the round. Silvestre took control in round three although Dimitroula continued to battle. Silvestre’s knees to the body and head late in the round probably earned her the win.

-85 kg: Juri De Sousa (Portugal) def. Filip Topic (Croatia)-Decision
The smaller De Sousa 31-6-1, 18 KOs) was too quick and crafty for Topic. He dropped Topic (50-12, 27 KOs) with what appeared to be a left hook in round one, and got the better of the exchanges throughout. De Sousa landed his left hook cleanly upstairs a few times, snapping the Croatian’s head back.

-67 kg: Andrej Bruhl (Germany) def. Stefanos Baglatsakos (Greece)- Extra Round Decision
Bruhl seemed to earn a clear decision after three rounds but an extra round was decided. The German was the sharper fighter, as he made Baglatsakos miss a lot of punches and scored some sharp shots. In the extra round, Bruhl continued to go forward and get the better of the action to earn the win.

-75 kg: Regilio Van Den Ent (Netherlands) def. Shkodran Veseli (Albania)-Decision
Van Den Ent 36-6-2, 15 KOs) hurt Veseli (84-20-1) in round one with a right before he scored a knockdown with a well-placed left hook to the body. Both fighters landed some good shots, but Van Dent scored with the better blows. Another left hook downstairs dropped Veseli in the third giving Van Den Ent a clear win.

-85 kg: Khalid El Bakouri (Morocco) def. Anis Bouzid (Belgium)-Khalid El Bakouri Wins Enfusion 85 Kg Title
El Bakouri (40-8, 17 KOs) outlanded Bouzid to win the Enfusion 85 kg Title in a hard-fought bout fought at a good tempo. The Moroccan seemed to have the clear edge after four rounds and Bouzid (42-3, 29 KOs) tried to rally in the final stanza.

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