Enfusion Al Shiraa World Grand Prix 2018 Results

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Enfusion ended the year with a knockout, as their year-end event in Abu Dhabi delivered plenty of action.

Superbon Banchamek, last year’s tournament runner up, won the eight man 72.5 kg  tournament. Last year’s winner Endy Semeleer withdrew after winning his quarterfinal bout because of sickness.

Mohamed Boubkari scored a highlight reel knockout of Turkey’s Fatih Ulusoy. In an 85 kg clash, Ulrik Bokeme wore down Filip Verlinden.

Full results for Enfusion 76 and 77 below.

Enfusion 77 Results
-72.5 kg: Superbon Banchamek (THA) def. Marouan Toutouh (MAR)-Unanimous Decision
Superbon Banchamek Enfusion Al Shiraa 2018 Grand Prix Winner

Both fighters showed the effects of their earlier fights on their faces heading into the final bout. Toutouh and Superbon both had swelling on the left side of the face.

Toutouh started out jabbing and circling in round one. Superbon had the edge as he scored with some knees to the body and body kicks. In round two, Toutouh pressed the action, with Superbon timing him with body kicks and knees. Superbon was the fresher fighter in round three, as Toutouh looked tired and stopped coming forward later in the round. The Thai’s best work was again with body kicks and knees. Both fighters showed their toughness in a grueling battle that capped off a great evening of fights.

Superbon Banchamek is the 2018 champion and receives a 100, 000 euro prize. The Thai fighter will challenge 70 kg champion Jonay Risco for the title next year.

-HW: Mohammed Boubkari (MAR) def. Fatih Ulusoy (TUR)-KO Round 1
Boubkari earned a quick victory with a spectacular one punch knockout of Ulusoy. Boubkari threw a left, then connected with an overhand right that landed cleanly on the Turkish fighter’s chin. Ulusoy landed flat on his back and was out, and referee Joop Ubeda immediately halted the bout. Official time was 22 seconds. Boubkari improves to 40-1-14 (22 Kos). Ulusoy suffers his third loss to slip to 22-0-3 (20 Kos).

-85 kg: Ulrik Bokeme (COD) def. Filip Verlinden (BEL)-Decision
Bokeme’s pressure and punching power proved too much for “The Belgian Bull”. By late in round two, Verlinden appeared to be tiring. Bokeme landed some hard knees to the body in the clinch in round three, with some possibly straying low. Bokeme kept up his attack and looked for the finish, but the tired and bloodied Verlinden hung in there and tried until the final bell. Bokeme improves to 30-0-1(16 KOs). Verlinden is now 52-2-13(19 by KO).

-85 kg: Loren Javier (ESP) def. Khalid El Bakouri (MAR)-Unanimous Decision
Spanish veteran Javier was too sharp for El Bakouri, winning clearly on points against the tough Moroccan. Javier came out kicking, then looked to catch El Bakouri on the way in. The Spanish fighter started to work the low kick at the end of his combinations in round two. On defense, he was able to make El Bakouri miss a fair amount of punches. El Bakouri kept coming forward and landed some clean shots, but the better work was done by the more experienced Javier. Javier closes in on 100 wins-his record is now 97-5-28 (43 KOs). El Bakouri is now 37-0-8 (14 KOs).

-85 kg: Anis Bouzid (BEL) def. Selahattin Sadin (TUR)-TKO Round 1 (Nose Injury)
The fight started quickly. Bouzid connected with a left uppercut that landed on Sadin’s nose, and appeared to break it. The doctor examined the injury and the bout was stopped. Bouzid improves to 39-0-2 (27 by KO). The unlucky Sadin is now 28-0-7)18).

-72.5 kg: Superbon Banchamek (THA) def. Diogo Calado (PRT)-Unanimous Decision (Tournament Semifinal 2)
Superbon had the edge in an entertaining chess match. Calado looked to outbox the Thai, staying at distance and occasionally leading. Calado landed some good strikes, but Superbon’s techniques had more impact. Superbon advanced by unanimous decision to face Toutouh.

-72.5 kg: Marouan Toutouh (NLD) def. Cedric Do (FRA)-TKO Round 3 (Low Kick)(Tournament Semifinal 1)
Toutouh replaced Endy Semeleer, who had to withdraw due to illness. Toutouh prevailed by low kicks, Do knocked down and unable to continue in round three. It was a hard fought scrap. Toutouh stunned Do with a right hand early in round one. In round two, there was a big exchange early in the round. Late in the fight, Toutouh won with the low kick.

Enfusion 76 Results
-80 kg: Robin Ciric (SRB) def. Taha Alami Marrouni (MAR)-Decision
Young Serbian Ciric earned the victory, but had to deal with some late adversity. Ciric scored an eight count with a well-placed spinning back kick in round one. The action picked up in round two. Ciric scored a sit down knockdown of the Moroccan with a right hand moments after getting with a clean shot. In round three, the tough Marrouni cut Ciric under the right eyebrow, and Ciric had to grab. The doctor checked out the cut and the fight continued. Ciric got the win but Marrouni showed his toughness in the bout. Ciric improves to 31-0-5(9). Marroumi is now 45-0-11(13 Kos).

Sarel de Jong (NLD) def. Victoria Lomax (ESP)-TKO Round 2 (3 Knockdowns)
de Jong landed well with knees to the body in the clinch early, as the shorter Lomax came inside. de Jong had a good round one: firing low kicks and circling away, and later using the push kick effectively. de Jong became more aggressive in round two. She backed up Lomax, and dropped her with a knee upstairs. The courageous Lomax got up but got an eight count after a de Jong barrage, before another knockdown ended the bout. An impressive performance by de Jong, the reigning Enfusion Ladies 61 and 64 kg champion, who improves to 28-1-3. The tough Lomax is now 23-5-8.

Superbon Banchamek (THA) def. Aziz Kallah (MAR)-Unanimous Decision (Tournament Quarterfinal 4)
Kallah came out moving forward behind a high guard. Superbon looked for knees to the body as Kallah got inside, and landed some good knees to the body in the clinch. Superbon continued to do the better work in round two, disrupting Kallah with knees to the body as he moved forward. Kallah couldn’t connect with a solid shot when he got inside. Superbon landed a couple of good push kicks in round three, as Kallah continued to pressure. The bout got a little untidy, and referee Joop Ubeda warned both fighters for infractions.

-72.5 kg: Diogo Calado (PRT) def. Zhu Baotong (CHN)-Unanimous Decision(Tournament Quarterfinal 3)
Calado was too sharp for Zhu, winning a unanimous decision over the Chinese fighter. As the fight wore on, Calado took greater control, mixing his punches and knees to the body nicely in round three.

-72.5 kg: Cedric Do (FRA) def. Nordin van Roosmalen (NLD)-Unanimous Decision (Tournament Quarterfinal 2)
Do produced a minor upset, defeating the talented van Roosmalen by unanimous decision. The French fighter got off to a good start, scoring with some solid low kicks early. Do’s guard was tight, blocking a lot of punches. In round two, Do grabbed and scored with knees to the body when van Roosmalen got inside. The Frenchman lost a point from the referee for illegal tripping. van Roosmalen had a better third round, but it wasn’t enough to give the young fighter the victory.

-72.5 kg: Endy Semeleer (NLD) def. Marouan Toutouh (MAR)-Unanimous Decision (Tournament Quarterfinal 1)
Semeleer edged Toutouh in a fantastic fight that had the Abu Dhabi crowd cheering at the bout’s conclusion. Endy seemed to edge round one with his boxing skills and movement. Toutouh appeared to stun the phenom in round 2 with a left hook, and pressed his attack. In round three, Semeleer answered back with a good right hand. Semeleer seemed to land the better shots in round three, but Toutouh was the aggressor and the round seemed very close. After the decision, an upset Toutouh shook his head in disapproval.

-72.5 kg: Mohammed Ghaedibardeh (IRN) def. Yohane Beaujesour (FRA)-KO Round 3 (Tournament Alternate Bout)
The alternate bout pitted Iranian southpaw Ghaedibardeh against veteran Beaujesour. Ghaedibardeh controlled the action early, landing a couple of good body punches and knees. He switched to orthodox and visibly hurt Beaujesour with a hook to the body late in the round. Ghaedibardeh was the one making the fight, with Beaujesour spending a lot of time on the ropes. Early in round three, Ghaedibardeh landed a left high kick that felled the French fighter. The fight was waved off immediately.

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