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Paul Jansen KO3 Percy De Maeyer 70kg
Jansen scored a stoppage with a jump knee early in round three. He’s an ex boxer and showed good hands and a tight defense and nice movement in the win. De Maeyer kept coming forward, but his energy was low by the time of the stoppage. Jansen is now 20-7(11). De Maeyer is 11-6-2(6).

Anas Araas WD3 Andre Estavao 67kg
Estavao started out pressuring Araas, but Araas was able to get the better of the action in close, and finished his combos with knees. By later in the fight, Estavao was backing up and looking to last the distance. Araas landed a lot of clean shots-uppercuts, knees, etc. Araas is only 18 years old but definitely looks like a fighter to keep an eye on. Araas is now 31-5-2(3).

Vlad Koshel WD3 Boubaker El Bakouri 85kg
Koshel hurt El Bakouri late in the third round to score an eight count, and took the decision in an evenly matched give and take battle. The Ukrainian is 22-2(11). El Bakouri is 30-8)14)

Perry Reichling WD3 Mohammed Dadoo Heavyweights
Strange fight. Slow paced. Dadoo’s mouthpiece came out of his mouth around 7 or 8 times. He was penalized twice by the referee for this infraction. Dadoo, 18, came out using lateral movement and looked to score from distance. Reichling came forward and landed the better punches and kicks in the second and third rounds. Reichling is now 16-4(5). Dadoo is 17-5(7)

Yassine Ambar WD3 Jhon Binkhurst 70kg
Ambar cruised to a points win over Binkhurst, who was making his pro debut. Ambar landed some nice kicks and punches. Binkhurst was the shorter fighter but looked to keep at range and land low kicks. Ambari is now 27-4-2(4). Binkhurst 0-1.

Sheena Widdershoven WD4 Amara Vers 67.5kg (Female)
The taller Widdershoven seemed to clearly outpoint Vers over the three rounds, landing some nice leg kicks from range. Widdershoven threw more punches in the third after Vers tried to pick up the pace. Somehow, the judges had it a draw so an extra round was called. Widdershoven outscored Vers in the fourth to get the win. Widdershoven is now 21-8(6). Vers is 19-7-2.

Marcel Verhaar WD3 Hafid “The Sniper” (Enfusion Talents Bout)
Verhaar dominated the less experienced Hafid to win a unanimous decision. Verhaar shook Hafid with punches in the first, and kept up the pressure. Hafid tried to keep Verhaar off with spinning back fists but missed. Hafid ate some hard punches and low kicks, but hung in there and never was hurt bad enough to go down. Verhaar is now 44-11(14). Hafid is 3-1(2).

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