Elkhan Aliyev: “I am Ready to Fight For The World Title”

KickboxingZ was able to get some post fight thoughts from Azerbaijani sensation Elkhan Aliyev following his impressive knockout victory at the KOK Fight Series in London yesterday.

The 24-year-old improved his professional record to 11-1 (7 KOs) with a first round body shot KO of Nathan Epps. Epps is a veteran fighter with 60 bouts and has fought at international level. He couldn’t handle the punching and kicking power of Aliyev, as he was hobbled by low kicks before the fight ended on a left hook downstairs.

It’s the third consecutive first-round KO for Aliyev in the KOK organization.

Read on for Elkhan’s thoughts on the bout, and challenging KOK World Lightweight Champion Henrikas Viksraitis in the future.

KickboxingZ: Congratulations on your victory. How did if feel to be back fighting in London again with KOK?

Elkhan Aliyev: It felt amazing to be back in London again fighting in KOK. London is such an amazing city and to fight again in the legendary York Hall is an honour.

KickboxingZ: Your opponent was very experienced with 60 fights. Did you watch any videos of his fights to help prepare for this match?

Elkhan Aliyev: Nathan is a great experienced fighter and I had to be really prepared. I had watched his videos to find his weaknesses and to exploit to my advantage.

KickboxingZ: Were you surprised he didn’t try to use his height advantage more?

Elkhan Aliyev: In the beginning I did think he would try and use his height advantage so I knew I had to go in there fast and quick on the inside with combinations to rattle him a little.

KickboxingZ: After this victory, do you have any fights planned soon?

Elkhan Aliyev: Nothing specific planned yet. I do want to have couple of more fights this year so will be working towards this.

KickboxingZ: Henrikas Viksraitis of Lithuania is the current KOK World Lightweight champion. You are now undefeated in the organization with three victories by first-round knockout, would you like to face Henrikas for the KOK World Title?

Elkhan Aliyev: I am ready to fight Henrikas for the world title fight. I think he is a great fighter and it would be a great fight for the fans to see. I would love to get this organised. I’m ready to fight him if he wants. So the ball is in his court.

KickboxingZ: That’s all the questions I have. Thank you for your time. Is there anything else you’d like to say or anyone you’d like to thank?

Elkhan Aliyev: I would like to thank Kavkaz Combat Promotions for giving me another opportunity to fight on the KOK as well my team for the support they have shown me. I would also like to thank the fans for coming out and cheering on all the fighters. Nathan is a great fighter and it was an honour sharing the ring with him.

Kavkaz Combat Promotions boss Hafiz Bakhshaliyev with KOK lightweight contender Elkhan Aliyev

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