Yodwicha-Pashporin Result to be Reviewed


10 July Update: The result was officially changed to a no-contest after a review by an independent judge panel. The promotion also said in its press release it intends to use foreign judges in addition to Russian officials at the next tournament. 

On Monday, Russian organization Fair Fight Promotions held its ninth event in the city of Yekaterinburg.

It was a world-class fight card, with GLORY veteran Chris Baya, Thai star Yodwicha Banchamek, and top Brazilian fighters participating along with top fighters from the region.

The event was not without controversy. In the evening’s main event, Artem Pashporin was awarded a three-round unanimous decision over Banchamek. The decision was criticized,as many thought the Thai fighter was the clear winner.

Nikolay Klimenko, the Executive Director of the Fair Fight Promotion, has commented on the Pashporin-Yodwicha judging controversy. According to Klimenko, an independent panel of judges will review video of the bout. If they determine Yodwicha is the rightful winner or the bout should have been ruled a draw, the organization will look into organizing a rematch at its October event.

Below is the translated (from Russian) version of Mr. Klimenko’s statement.

“The Fair Fight series of tournaments is based on the rules of fair play and fairness. Experts and spectators have already said that the decision in this fight is controversial. My opinion is similar. Our organization will ask the independent panel of judges to examine the fight record.”

“If an independent panel is unable to determine the winner or makes the opposite decision, the Fair Fight will consider the possibility of holding a rematch at the tenth anniversary tournament, which will take place in October.”

“We are very attentive to the work of the referees at all our kickboxing and MMA tournaments and do not want any mistakes in their work to affect the career of the fighters. That’s why we made such a decision and in case of cancellation of the result we are ready to consider the second match.”

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