XFN 363 Kickboxing Results from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Oklahoma promotion Xtreme Fight Night held its latest event Saturday at the River Spirit Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The event featured an eight-man single-night heavyweight tournament with $10,000 to the winner. Fighters also received a $500 bonus for KOs, and the fighter who scored the KO of the Night received a $1000 bonus.

Terrence Hodges, fighting out of Georgia, was the last man standing, winning three bouts and scoring two stoppages en route to the tournament title and $10,000 prize.

Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinals (3 x 2 Minute Rounds)
-Terrence Hodges def. Haze “Hooligan” Wilson-TKO Round 3
Hodges (4-1) scored an upset over XFN Super Heavyweight Champion and GLORY veteran Wilson in the opener, knocking him down with a spinning heel kick in the second round and stopping him with a flurry of strikes in round three. Hodges was the lighter and quicker fighter. He threw nice punch combinations, and worked knees to the body and head effectively during the match.

-Chris Barnett def. Tony Lopez-Unanimous Decision
The fighters stayed at long range early. Barnett (21-6 total fight record) hurt Lopez (63-32 total record) with an inside low kick late in round one, and a follow up left hook knocked Lopez down. Lopez’s balance seemed shaky after. Barnett knocked Lopez back with a three-punch combo in round two and tried to follow up. Lopez had a better third round, but he wasn’t able to knock down or KO Barnett and lost the decision.

-Daniel “Big Kansas” Gallemore def. Rasheem “Megatron” Jones-KO Round 2 (Right Hand)
Gallemore lost a point early in the round for hitting Jones after he went down from a slip. The lost point wouldn’t matter. Late in round one, Gallemore landed a big right hand that knocked Jones down. After he got up, the bell rang seconds later. In round two, Jones backed up Gallemore with a punch combo and started to work the knees. Gallemore landed a big right hand that knocked Jones down hard and the fight was stopped.

Gallemore went 5-0 as a professional boxer between 2011 and 2016.

-Eric Lunsford def. Darion Abbey-TKO Round 3
Lunsford turned up the pressure in the second round and scored a knockdown late with a punch combination. A fatigued Abbey pushed forward in round three, but got caught by left hand followed by a right hook from the southpaw. Abbey went down and got up but the fight was stopped. Lunsford has six combined wins on his fight record (Kickboxing and MMA), and all wins have been by stoppage.

Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals (3 x 3 Minute Rounds)
-Terrence Hodges def. Chris Barnett-KO Round 3
Hodges earned his ticket to the final scoring a one-punch KO at the 30 second mark of round three. The bout was tactical and was fought at long range for much of the first two rounds. In round three during an exchange, Hodges landed a big left hook that dropped Barnett on his back. His legs betrayed him as he was falling down as he tried to get back up. Barnett finally made it back to his feet but the bout was waved off.

-Eric Lunsford def. Daniel “Big Kansas” Gallemore-TKO Round 2
Lunsford landed some low kicks in round one and Gallemore kept pushing forward, looking to land his powerful punches. Lunsford had been cut over his left eye in the quarterfinals, and the cut reopened and was checked out by the doctor between rounds.

Gallemore kept his hands low and ate some punches in round two before he was wobbled by a left and then knocked down. He got up but Lunsford followed up and the fight was stopped.

-130 lbs: TJ Arrington def. Alberto Mendoza-TKO Round 1 (Strikes)
Mendoza scored a trip takedown from the clinch and was in side control. Arrington was able to escape back to his feet and the fighters were in a clinch. Arrington landed a knee to the head, then a knee to the body that hurt and dropped Mendoza. Arrington followed up with a couple of punches and the referee stopped the fight. After the bout, Arrington proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes.

Heavyweight Tournament Final
-Terrence Hodges def. Eric Lunsford-Unanimous Decision
Hodges had taken less damage heading into the finals and was the smaller and quicker fighter. He landed some good low kicks, and was able to slip Lunsford’s punches and counter. Lunsford had a better round two, but the cut above his left eye was bleeding again. The pace of the bout was slow with both fighters already having fought twice. Hodges landed a good right hand late in the third round and followed up with knees and punches. The judges awarded him the decision by scores of 30-27 (twice) and 29-28.


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