WLF Weights and Stream Info

Levin WLF Fight Poster

The weigh-ins were held today in Moscow for Friday’s Orion Presents: WLF One Belt One Way gala.

The event will be streamed on the official Russia Union of MMA homepage on social media site VK beginning at 18:30 local time, according to the Orion organization. The event is also being televised on the Match channel in Russia.

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Former It’s Showtime and Glory titleholder Artem Levin headlines against China’s Zhou Wei.

Official Weights
Zhou Wei(China) 83.8 kg vs Artem Levin (Russia) 84.6 kg

Kai Huangbin(China) 69.6 kg vs Hayal Janiev (Russia) 69.9 kg

Sher Mamazulunov (Russia) 80.3 kg vs Islam Murtazaev (Russia) 80.3 kg

Andrey Chekhonin (Russia) 84 kg vs Sergey Veselkin (Russia) 83.3 kg

Fu Gaofeng (China) 78.7 kg vs Vadim Apsit (Russia) 77.3 kg

Wang Chao(China) 71 kg vs Vadim Davydov (Russia) 71.3 kg

-65 kg Tournament Weights:

Liu Xangmin (China) 64.8 kg vs Farid Yadulayev (Russia) 65 kg

Hu Zheng (China) 64.7 kg vs Nikita Suravezhkin (Russia) 64.7 kg

Li Xaolong(China) 64.3 kg vs Ivan Strigunov (Russia) 64.7 kg

Pan Jayun(China) 64.8 kg vs Alexander Ten (Russia) 64.8 kg

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