WGP 55 Results

Brazilian promotion WGP Kickboxing returned with its latest event Saturday in Brasilia. Here are results.

+94.1 kg: Guto Inocente (Brazil) def. Francesco Xhaja (Albania)-Unanimous Decision
Inocente (37-10, 17 KOs) retained his WGP Super Heavyweight Title with a clear points win over Xhaja, originally from Tirana, Albania but fighting out of Italy.

Guto had the challenger on the back foot early, and scored cleanly with low kicks to both the inside and outside of Xhaja’s leg. By round two, Xhaja’s leg was already bruised.

Inocente landed one of his patented spinning back kicks to Xhaja’s midsection early in the third, and the Albanian smiled. Xhaja (11-5, 3 KOs) became more assertive in round three and landed a couple of good shots. Inocente continued to get the better of the action. The champion landed some good punches and low kicks, but seemed to tire and couldn’t land a knockdown or knockout shot on the game challenger.

-64.5 kg Challenger GP Final: Tomas “Chacal” Aguirre (Argentina) def. Josue “Tuzo” Cruz (Mexico)-KO Round 2 (Low Kick)
Aguirre (17-2, 15 KOs) landed some strong low kicks in round two to defeat Cruz (6-1, 1 KO) and win the Challenger GP Final. Cruz seemed to have the edge in round one, and Aguirre picked up his intensity in round two. Aguirre bled from a cut he suffered in the semifinals. The fighters traded low kicks in round two, and Cruz got the worse of it. A low kick hurt his left leg, before another leg kick put him down for the count. Good fight and great win for the 20-year-old Aguirre.

-64.5 kg: Kebrome Neguse (Ethiopia) def. Emerson Falcao (Brazil)-Split Decision
Ethiopia’s Neguse (33-2-2, 6 KOs) won a close split verdict against fellow veteran Falcao (36-13, 10 KOs).

-71.8 kg: Junior Luiz (Brazil) def. Eliezer Silva (Brazil)-Split Decision
Luiz improved to 15-3 (5 KOs) with a split decision over Silva (8-3 6 KOs).

-64.5 kg Challenger Semifinal 2: Josue “Tuzo” Cruz (Mexico) def. Renzo Martinez (Bolivia)-Split Decision
Cruz remained unbeaten (6-0, 1 KO) in the second semifinal with a solid performance against Martinez (8-4-1, 2 KOs). The Mexican fighter fought off the back foot, and used push kicks and body kicks effectively. Cruz also had sharper hands than Martinez, who pressed the fight throughout.

-64.5 kg Challenger Semifinal 1: Tomas “Chacal” Aguirre (Argentina) def. Eduardo Borba (Brazil)-TKO Round 3
Aguirre (16-2, 14 KOs) knocked veteran Borba (52-14-1, 14 KOs) four times to advance to the tournament final. After getting dropped twice in round one, Borba showed his heart and had some good moments before Aguirre caught him with some big punches in round three.

Super Fights
-60 kg: Guilherme Monteiro (Brazil) def. Leo “Bahia” Pereira (Brazil)-Split Decision
In a battle of young unbeatens, the 19-year-old Monteiro (6-0, 5 KOs) outscored Pereira (18-1, 5 KOs) to earn a split decision.

Pereira, 21, was the aggressor throughout, and scored with some punches and low kicks. Monteiro caught Pereira coming forward at times, and landed some clean knees to the body and thigh at close range. Monteiro seemed the more active fighter and got the decision.

-60 kg: Mateus Machado (Brazil) def. Rafael Andrade (Brazil)-KO Round 2
Machado (1-2, 1 KO) was bigger and quicker than Andrade (2-2, 0 KOs, who started to use movement and look for openings. In round two, Machado scored a couple of knockdowns and Andrade was counted out. Machado was one kilogram too heavy at the weigh-ins, and was deducted a point and lost 50 percent of his purse to his opponent.

-94.1 kg: Alessandro Avatar (Brazil) def. Guilherme Soares (Brazil)-TKO Round 1 (Injury)
Both Avatar (4-0, 2 KOs) and Soares (1-1) hit the canvas before the bout ended prematurely. Soares started the bout aggressively, and knocked down Avatar. Avatar returned the favor, as he knocked down Soares with a body punch. Soares had hurt his right leg, and after he threw a low kick he went down and received an eight count. The towel came in from his corner and the fight was waved off by the referee. Soares was taken out on a stretcher after the bout.

-64.5 kg: Hugo Nascimento (Brazil) def. Miro Brusnello (Brazil)-Unanimous Decision
Nascimento (7-2, 1 KO) dropped Brusnello (0-3) with a right high-kick seconds into the bout. He landed a couple more high kicks in the first round. Brusnello was more competitive in rounds two and three. Both men slowed by the last round. Nascimento had a point deducted and lost 50 percent of his purse because he weighed in over the -64.5 kg weight limit.

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