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WGP Kickboxing presented its 49th event Friday night in Paraguava, Brazil. The evening was highlighted by an eight man tournament in the middleweight division (71.8 kg) to determine a future title challenger for champion Bruno Gazani.

Petro Freitas defeated Luis Francischinelli to earn a shot at Gazani’s championship gold. Freitas had the luck of avoiding wear and tear in a semifinal bout, when both his scheduled opponent and the designated alternate were both judged unable to compete.

WGP # 49
Friday September 28, 2018

Petro Freitas def. Luis Francischinelli (Wins Middleweight Challenger GP and Earns Title Shot)
Bruno Cerruti def. Thibault Marino-Unanimous Decision (Co-main Event)
Maycon Silva def. Nattan Novak

Petros Freitas Advances to Final-No Opponent Available
Luis Francischinelli def. Sebastian Corral-KO (Knee)-Super 8 Challenger Semifinal 1/2
Matthew Gatti def. Renan Altamio-Unanimous Decision Super Fight
Petro Freitas def. Enzo Sanchez-KO Super 8 Challenger GP Quarterfinal 4/4
Eliezer Silva def. Maykol Yurk-Extra Round Decision Super 8 Challenger GP Quarterfinal 3/4
Sebastian Corral def. Tiago Queiroz-Super 8 Challenger GP Quarterfinal 2/4
Luis Francischinelli def. Daniel Dias- KO Super 8 Challenger GP Quarterfinal 1/4

WGP #49 Undercard Results
Kauan American def. Matheus Monteiro-KO
Felipe Munhoz def. Fabio Dridik-KO
Leandro de Vaiga def. Henrique Sorriso-Unanimous Decision
Alessandro Oliveira def. Leandro Santos-KO
Leonardo Diniz def. Ahlan Yochida-Decision


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