WCK Full Rules Muay Thai Results: CALI 28 Beast Mode II

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WCK Muay Thai returned to the Marriott Convention Center in Burbank, California for BEAST MODE II. The event featured 13 bouts in all, including some IAMTF title fights. Here are the results, courtesy of WCK Full Rules Muay Thai.

Official Results
WCK Full Rules Muay Thai: CALI 28 “BEAST MODE II”
Saturday June 9, 2018
Marriott Convention Center, Burbank, California
Promoter: Dennis Warner/WCK

Bout 13: Christopher Alvidrez TKO3 Edwin Villatoro-IAMTF Modified Muay Thai
Bout 12: Vincent Familiar UD Dino Espinosa-IAMTF Modified Muay Thai
Bout 11: Robert Hernandez UD Patrick Armstrong-IAMTF Title Fight
Bout 10: Caleb Salazar Cisneros SD Andres Esparza-IAMTF Super Lightweight Title Fight
Bout 9: Cody Jerome SD Spenser Mix-IAMTF Title Fight
Bout 8: Gabrielle Laktineh SD Jamie Beatty-IAMTF Super Featherweight Title Fight
Bout 7: Evan Boulton UD Dane Turney-IAMTF Modified Muay Thai
Bout 6: Brandon Spencer UD Lorenzo Orozco-IAMTF Lightweight Title Fight
Bout 5: Joe Locicero UD Ryan Rahimpour-IAMTF Middleweight Title Fight
Bout 4: Chris Paez SD John Garcia-IAMTF Modified Muay Thai
Bout 3: Fayeda Satiya An UD Jade Ross-IAMTF Modified Muay Thai
Bout 2: Itsel Sanchez UD Debbie Rodriguez-IAMTF Modified Muay Thai
Bout 1: Filippo Rossetti UD Matthew Mena-IAMTF Modified Muay Thai

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