WCK Muay Thai: MASS DESTRUCTION 2 Fight Card

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Here is the fight card for tomorrow night’s WCK Full Rules Muay Thai event.

WCK Muay Thai CALI 31: MASS DESTRUCTION 2 takes place tomorrow night Saturday December 1 at the Marriott Convention Center in Burbank, California.

Promoter Dennis Warner and the WCK team are ending the 2018 season with a bang, with 15 Muay Thai bouts on the schedule, including IKKC and IAMTF title fights.

The action gets underway at 7 pm. Visit the WCK Muay Thai website for more information, and don’t forget to follow WCK Muay Thai on Facebook and Instagram.

Saturday 01 December, 2018
WCK Full Rules Muay Thai: CALI 31: Mass Destruction 2
Burbank Marriott Convention Center, Burbank, California
Promoter: Mr. Dennis Warner/In Sync Productions

OFFICIAL FIGHT CARD (Subject to Change)

1 – Kathy Williams vs. Jacqueline Shiakalis IAMTF MODIFIED MUAY THAI
2 – Charles Little vs. Ahmed Elmoula IAMTF FULL RULES MUAY THAI
3 – Mimi Okojie vs. Elisa Bentancourt IAMTF FULL RULES MUAY THAI
4 – Jesus Guevara vs. Sean Robles IAMTF MODIFIED MUAY THAI
6 – Rey Rolon vs. Alexander Tran IAMTF FULL RULES MUAY THAI
7 – Natalie Morgan-Pagliughi vs. Amanda De Rosa (Professional bout, sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission)
8- Jared Ejigu vs. Bren O’Neil (Professional, sanctioned by the CSAC)
9 – Gerrica Trias vs. Savannah Foden (Professional, sanctioned by the CSAC)
10 – Charles Bisset vs. Ignacio Zambrano (Professional, IKKC Title, sanctioned by the CSAC)
11 – Arsalan Mayel vs. Jose Garcia-Lares IAMTF FULL RULES MUAY THAI
12 – Fayeda An vs. Jade Ross IAMTF MODIFIED MUAY THAI
13 – Gabe Calvento vs. Manny Garcia IAMTF MODIFIED MUAY THAI
14 – Owen Foster vs. Douglas Luna IAMTF MODIFIED MUAY THAI
15 – Riley Ali vs. Antony Sierra IAMTF MODIFIED MUAY THAI

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