WCK: Cinco de Mayo Mayhem Photos and Results

cinco de Mayo Mayhem

Legendary promoter Dennis Warner and In Sync Productions returned to the Inland Empire region of Southern California with another exciting event Saturday.

Bad to the Bone: Cinco De Mayo Mayhem featured thirteen bouts of IAMTF-sanctioned full and modified Muay Thai rules action.

Chris Alvidrez defeated Robert Renier by unanimous decision in the main event, a middleweight title fight.

Jasmine Peterson and Clarance Watson were also title match winners.

Here are official results from WCK.

Photos are courtesy of WCK and 35 Raw, and reproduced with permission.

4 May, 2019
WCK: Cinco De Mayo Mayhem
California Education and Performing Arts Center
Ontario, California
Promoter: Mr. Dennis Warner/In Sync Productions

-Featherweight (IAMTF Women’s Full Rules): Jessica Lin def. Patricia Stabile-Split Decision
-Super Welterweight (IAMTF Modified Rules): Joel Escamilla def. Daemien Obejo-Unanimous Decision
-Super Lightweight (IAMTF Full Thai Rules): Manny Garcia def. Ewar Chan-Unanimous Decision
-Super Middleweight (Full Rules): Hussain Elsadek def. Ray Sydnor-Split Decision
-Middleweight (IAMTF Full Rules): Evan Ortiz def. Bryce Byrd-Unanimous Decision
-Welterweight (IAMTF Full Rules): Jasmine Peterson def. Jocelyn Belle-Split Decision (Feature Title Bout)
-Super Welterweight (IAMTF Modified Rules): Michele Baiano def. Ivan Morrano-Unanimous Decision
-Welterweight (IAMTF Full Rules): Clarance Watson def. Zhenyz Chuprina-Unanimous Decision (Co-Main Title Bout)
-Lightweight (IAMTF Full Rules): Noah Paul def. Alberto Vallecillo-Split Decision
-Middleweight (IAMTF Full Rules): Chris Alvidrez def. Robert Renier-Unanimous Decision (Main Event Title Bout)
-Super Middleweight (IAMTF Full Rules): Guy Mbama def. David Young-Split Decision
-Super Cruiserweight (IAMTF Modified): Elijah Jones def. Andres Garcia-Split Decision
-Heavyweight (IAMTF Modified): David Guerra def. Jose Trujillo-Unanimous Decision

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