Trevor Ragin: “I Tried to be Too Great Too Soon”

KickboxingZ caught up with GLORY fighter Trevor Ragin to discuss his upcoming bout with Abraham Vidales. Ragin will attempt to spoil the unbeaten Vidales’s record, when the two fighters meet as part of the GLORY 67 Superfight Series on 5 July in Orlando, Florida.

It’s the first GLORY appearance for Ragin since the Richmond, Virginia native dropped a decision to then-unbeaten Lowrant-t Nelson at GLORY 58 in Chicago last September.

It’s also Ragin’s first GLORY bout in the featherweight division. Ragin fought at lightweight in his first two GLORY appearances, and lost via stoppage to Israeli standout Itay Gershon and the decision to Nelson.

Feeling more comfortable in his natural weight category of featherweight, Ragin realizes the stakes are high with two losses in his first two bouts with the organization (“this fight is a must win”).

Read on for Trevor’s thoughts on facing Vidales, his return to featherweight, and more.

KickboxingZ: Thank for taking the time for the interview. Big news last week. Trevor Ragin returns to the ring at GLORY 67 on July 5 against Abraham Vidales. It’s your first GLORY fight since you decided to move down from lightweight to featherweight. How is everything going with preparation?

Ragin: Preparation is going great, dieting is going well. It’s going to feel great to fight at the weight class I was built for again.

KickboxingZ: You’ll be facing Abraham Vidales of Mexico. He’s unbeaten in two GLORY fights. What are your thoughts on facing a prospect like Vidales?

Ragin: Vidales is only undefeated because he hasn’t fought anybody like me. I’m not worried about his padded record, it won’t save him.

KickboxingZ: A couple of weeks ago, you posted a picture of UFC fighter Max Holloway, and mentioned he helped you out. How was the experience of training with a top MMA guy?

Ragin: That was a throwback pic from a different camp, but yeah it’s good to have access to train with some of the top featherweights in the world. The experience is great. Plus him being in my weight class makes the training and sparring more realistic to help me get ready for my fight.

KickboxingZ: A lot of kickboxers have crossed over (to MMA). Is that something you’ve thought about?

Ragin: It really depends. A lot will have to do with how GLORY treats their top ranked fighters. I won’t know yet until I work my way up. I love kickboxing, so if the promotion can keep me happy and well taken care of, then I don’t see a reason for switching up.

KickboxingZ: You had a tough debut against Itay Gershon, then lost a decision to Nelson. Not to put you on the spot, but do you look at it as a must-win?

Ragin: This fight is a must win. But it’s no pressure. My last two losses were against guys who walked in the ring about 20 lbs heavier than me on fight night. Featherweight is where all my success has been and I’m comfortable there. I just tried to be too great too soon by bumping up a weight class so early in my career. July 5 you’ll see the same Ragin that GLORY saw when they scouted me.

KickboxingZ: You haven’t been in the Glory ring since last November. Have you had any fights since then, or were you focused on getting better with technique or conditioning?

Ragin: It’s actually been even longer. I haven’t been in since September. I’ve still been training though. I try to stay ready so I don’t have to get ready.

KickboxingZ: I have to ask you this since you fight for Glory. If you had to choose who’s the organization’s best pound-for-pound, who would you pick?

Ragin: That’s a good question, before last week I would have said Sitthichai by a long shot. But now I’d have to say it’s a close one between Rico or Alex.

KickboxingZ: We always appreciate your time. You’re a class act and a true warrior. Is there anything else you’d like to say or anyone you’d like to thank?

Ragin: Thank you, I appreciate the interview and love following your content.

Yeah, big thanks to my gym and training partners at CSC RVA and MMAI. I’ve got killers from the top two schools in the city helping me get ready for this fight. Also but thanks to HGX (Healthy Gourmet Express) for my meal prepping and helping this weight cut possible. And big thanks to Bryant Boxing for providing the best training gear, (gloves shin guards and shorts) at

Fight Photos Courtesy of James Law/GLORY Sports International

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