Trevor Ragin: “I Take Risks That Other Fighters Don’t Take”

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KickboxingZ caught up with GLORY Featherweight Trevor Ragin to get his thoughts on his recent bout against Abraham Vidales at GLORY 67.

The Richmond, Virginia warrior gave the unbeaten Vidales his stiffest challenge to date in GLORY, but lost via unanimous decision.

Ragin stunned Vidales momentarily early in round one with a big right hand. Vidales established control, and used distance effectively while sometimes banging the body on the inside with right and left hooks. Ragin hung in there and scored with some good shots, and became the first fighter to extend Vidales the full three rounds in GLORY.

Read on to hear Trevor’s thoughts on the bout, fighting at featherweight for the first time in GLORY, and what he’s been up to since the fight with Vidales.

KickboxingZ: You fought Abraham Vidales last weekend at GLORY 67. Things didn’t go your way that night, and Vidales got the win by unanimous decision.

Looking back, what are your thoughts on the fight?

Trevor Ragin: It was a good fight, though promotional wise it was clear that I was the “B side” so to speak. Leading up to the fight they had all kind of promo videos and pics of Vidales, like the show was all about him. No one really even knew who I was. Which is never a great feeling but I don’t take it personal, i know it’s only business.

KickboxingZ: You got hit with some big left and right hooks to the body beginning in the second round. How much did the body shots affect you?

Trevor Ragin: I feel like the body shots were good for scoring him points. When I looked back at the fight, I feel like that’s one of the key factors that put him ahead on the score cards. Nothing he landed was really hard, but he did have a really respectable flow with his combos and was the more busy fighter. At no point was I close to going down though.

KickboxingZ: Before the fight, you said you thought Vidales had a padded record. You’re the first guy to last the distance with him in GLORY. Do you still think his record is padded up?

Trevor Ragin: I still do think the same, I’m not taking anything away from him. He is a good fighter but his record is still padded, and I’ll get into that in a sec. I don’t know if you saw it since it wasn’t mentioned anywhere in this interview. But he got cracked about 15 seconds into the first round of the fight. Everyone is boasting about his undefeated record, 85% knockout ratio but let’s take a step back and pick that apart.

At no point in the fight was I ever rocked or close to being knocked out. Matter (of) fact I was closer to knocking him out than he ever was to knocking me out. He’s 13-0 fresh and active against me who was 7-5 and having my first fight off of an 11 month layoff. Based off what’s on paper, he should have demolished me. But that’s just how it is. My record isn’t pretty, and that’s not because I’m a bad fighter, that’s because I take risks that other fighters don’t take. He is 13-0, his opponent before me was like 1-2 or something like that.

Why does a guy who’s 13-0 even “match” with someone with low of experience? And who knows what the guys before him looked like? Everyone I’ve ever fought in glory was a killer, undefeated, never seen a loss. (Note: Ragin was matched with Israeli standout Itay Gershon in his GLORY debut, and faced then-unbeaten Lorawnt-t Nelson before Vidales)

Every time they call me with an offer, it’s that I have to shock the world and beat the guy who’s never been beaten. So yes my record looks like this and his looks like that because I took bigger risks than he’s ever taken. I felt his power, it was nothing special, when he felt my power he almost got blown off his feet. I’ll up my activity, that’s an easy fix. Match him up with me again when I’m not coming off an 11 month layoff and I finish him.

KickboxingZ: This was your first fight in GLORY at featherweight, and it seemed like you were a sharper fighter. Are you planning to stay at featherweight in the near future?

Trevor Ragin: I felt great at featherweight, i felt sharper and faster. The weight cut was smooth. The division is getting a lot of attention. I like it, I’m here to stay.

KickboxingZ: What have you been up to since the fight? Are you taking a couple of weeks off from the gym? Have you gotten in any skateboarding? During the broadcast, they showed you love skateboarding in the fighter facts.

Trevor Ragin: I got straight to training the Monday after the fight, With there being no injuries and it’s all fresh in my head. That’s the best time to hit the gym and work on the necessary adjustments for next time. Haven’t really had the chance to skateboard yet, I’ve been so focused on becoming a better fighter, I feel like 24 hours in a day ain’t enough haha.

KickboxingZ: GLORY just announced the Rico vs Badr rematch last week for December. You’re a guy who keeps up with the sport. Any thoughts on how the rematch will go?

Trevor Ragin: It’ll be interesting, Badr is talking about the knockout, he seems focused and determined. Rico has been looking sharp lately also though. I’m pulling for Rico.

KickboxingZ: That’s all the questions I have for you today. Always appreciate your time.

Trevor Ragin: Likewise, I always appreciate it as well. Thanks for your time also.

KickboxingZ: Is there anything else you’d like to say or anyone you’d like to thank?

Trevor Ragin: Yeah thanks everyone who supported me leading up to this fight and thanks GLORY for the opportunity.

Photos Courtesy of James Law/GLORY Sports International

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