Tatneft Cup Results from Tatneft Arena, Kazan, Russia

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Here are the results from today’s Tatneft Cup event in Kazan, Russia. The event was streamed live on tnafights on Instagram, and broadcast on FightBox HD. The bouts are available to watch on the Tatneft Arena YouTube page.

Tatneft Cup rules apply-no knockdowns in the first three rounds then an extra round must take place. There is no 10 point scoring system. No grabbing or clinching.

Ivan Kondratiev (RUS) WD4 Robert Rajewski (POL)-70kg
The bout started slowly as both fighters studied one another. Kondratiev, a southpaw, was the aggressor and landed some good punches, but couldn’t knock the tough Rajewski down. Kondratiev continued to press and land some good punches in the extra round, as Rajewski looked to counter. Kondratiev earned the win as the fighter coming forward. Kondratiev improves to 13-3(4). Rajewski is 78-15.

Victor Monfort (SPA) KO3 Alexander Shuliak (RUS)-80kg
Spain’s Monfort was knocked down in the fight’s first minute by a right hand over the top but battled back to win and advance in the tournament. Monfort, who switches between orthodox and southpaw, likes to move a lot. Shuliak had the edge in the first but was cut over the left eye. Monfort started to come forward more in the second round. In the third, Monfort landed a liver kick from the southpaw stance that dropped Shuliak for the count. Monfort improves to 19-2(6). Shuliak is now 23-3.

“I dedicate this fight to my son. Thank you,” Monfort said after the fight (translation by FightBox HD commentator).

Konstantin Gluhov (LAT) KO4 Maxim Bolotov (MDA)-+80kg
This bout was a chess match as both fighters stayed on the outside and looked for openings to score. Bolotov was hurt from some low kicks to his lead left leg, and switched to southpaw for stretches. No knockdowns so an extra round was needed. In the extra round, Gluhov landed a huge wheel kick that landed to the head and dropped Bolotov. The count was not necessary, and the referee called for the medical team. Gluhov improves to 42-9-1. Bolotov is now 21-2-4.

Vladimir Kuzmin (RUS) KO4 Diogo Neves (POR)-70kg
Russian prospect Kuzmin, only 20 years of age, showed some impressive skills against the bigger, more experienced Neves. Kuzmin used the push kick effectively, and landed some nice combinations, moving away or slipping return shots from Neves. Neves became more aggressive in the third round, and landed a couple of good left hooks. In the fourth, Kuzmin connected with a brutal spinning back fist on Neves as he came forward. Neves dropped on his back and the referee waved off the bout before the full count. Kuzmin is now 8-0. Neves slips to 38-8.

Dmitry Menshikov (RUS) WD4 Ljubo Jalovi (SRB)-80kg
Menshikov was the aggressor in the extra round and was declared the winner. Jalovi fought from the left handed stance, and looked to catch the shorter Menshikov with body kicks and low kicks early as Menshikov moved forward. The taller Jalovi looked to land punches and stepped in with knee attempts as he picked up the pace. Menshikov was able to block a lot and followed Jalovi but didn’t throw a lot, saving energy. After three rounds, no winner on knockdowns. Menshikov picked up his workrate in round four and won the decision.

“Not an easy fight. The opponent was pretty tough. I should have been more prepared mentally for this fight,” said Menshikov after the fight (translated by FightBox HD commentator Roman Mazurov).

Kirill Kornilov (RUS) WD4 Thomas Vanneste (BEL)-+80kg
Kornilov landed clean punches on the durable Belgian en route to a decision win. Kornilov connected with some good rights around the guard and also with right uppercuts. Vanneste kept coming forward, and landed a few good punches, but was clearly outscored by his bigger Russian nemesis. Kornilov advances to the next round of the tournament.

The next edition of the Tatneft Cup takes place on July 4.

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