Tatneft Cup Results: 26 April 19

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The 2019 Tatneft World Cup continued Friday in the city of Kazan in Tatarstan in the Russian Federation.

It was a historic night for the TNA fights promotion, as fighters for China competed in the Tatneft ring for the first time.

The fight card featured two prestige bouts, followed by six World Cup bouts. The winners advanced to the quarterfinal rounds.

Both heavyweight bouts ended by first round stoppage, as Italian fighters Francesko Xhaja and Claudio Istrate picked up quick victories.

Yury Bessmertney, the Belorussian veteran fighting out of the Gridin Gym, defeated Chang Juncheng by close decision.

Tatneft Cup Rules applied for all contests-if neither fighter scored a knockdown in the first three rounds, the bout automatically went to an extra round.

26 April 2019
Tatneft Cup 1/8 Finals: 2nd Round
Tatneft Arena, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russian Federation

Tatneft World Cup Bouts

+80 kg: Francesko Xhaja (Italy) def. Liu Wei (China)-Round 1 Stoppage (High Kick)
-80 kg: Musa Sultaev (Russian Federation) def. Yu Jianhong (China)-Extra Round Decision
-70 kg: Li Xiaolong (China) def. Aydin Kucuk (France)-Extra Round Decision
+80 kg: Claudio Istrate (Italy) def. Costin Mincu (Romania)-KO Round 1 (Punches)
-80 kg: Yury Bessmertny (Belarus) def. Chang Juncheng-Extra Round Decision
-70 kg: Zhang Wanxin def. Vladimir Shulyak-Extra Round Decision

Prestige Fights
-65 kg: Artur Hamidullin def. Artyom Shvetsov-Extra Round Decision
-60 kg: Ziqiang Zhang def. Ahmet Mucolgov-Extra Round Decision

If you’d like to watch the replay, here is the YouTube link:

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