Tatneft Cup: 26 May Results

The latest Tatneft Cup event took place Sunday at the Tatneft Arena in Kazan in the Russian Federation.

Russian 70 kg fighters Ivan Kondratiev and Ilya Sokolov advanced to the next stage of the tournament.

In the heavyweight division, Gokhan Gedik from Mike’s Gym and Piotr Romankevich of Belarus advanced.

Here are results. Under Tatneft Cup rules, if neither fighter scores a knockdown or eight-count during the three round bout, the fight automatically goes to an extra round.

If one kickboxer scores a knockdown or eight-count and the other fighter doesn’t, the one who knocked down his opponent is the winner. No clinching or elbows are permitted.

-70 kg: Ivan Kondratiev (Russian Federation) def. Rafal Kosiarski (Poland)
The fight card began with a -70 kg contest between 2018 semifinalist Ivan Kondratiev (13-3) and Rafal Kosiarksi (60-13).

Kondratiev dominated the bout, and scored three knockdowns of the tough Pole. The Vityaz Fight Club fighter knocked down Kosiarski with a body punch in round one, a body kick in round two, and a knee to the head in the third and final round. Kosiarski tried to use movement and spinning techniques to combat Kondratiev’s attack, and was bleeding from the nose late in the bout but kept trying.

-80 kg: Dominik Cinal (Poland) def. Stas Makarenko (Latvia)-Extra Round Decision
Poland’s Cinal (8-3), only 19 years of age, used a low-kick attack to defeat veteran Makarenko (38-9). The bout was fairly even after two rounds. Makarenko’s lead left leg felt the effects of Cinal’s low kicks in round three, and the veteran opened up with punches late in the round but couldn’t knock down Cinal. In the extra round, a Cinal low kick caused Makarenko’s glove to touch the canvas, and a knockdown was scored.

+80 kg: Gokhan Gedik (Turkey) def. Murat Azimov (Uzbekistan)-Extra Round Decision
Gedik (18-5), a Turkish fighter who trains and fights out of Mike’s Gym, did the better work to earn the decision in an +80 kg weight category bout. There were no knockdowns, so an extra round was required. Azimov’s record is now 13-8.

After the bout, Gedik told the crowd he fasted for the holy month of Ramadan so his condition wasn’t the best. Gedik told the fans he’ll finish his next bout with a knockout, God willing.

-70 kg: Ilya Sokolov (Russian Federation) def. Ladislav Kristufek (Czech Republic)
Sokolov applied pressure to the Czech fighter and scored two knockdowns to win the decision. In round one, the hometown fighter dug a left hand to the body that dropped Kristufek. A right hook to the head downed Kristufek (26-5) for the second time. Sokolov (21-3) mixed his techniques to the head and body nicely in the match.

-80 kg: Gauvenberg Mbamba (Belgium) def. Alexander Dimitrenko (Russian Federation)
Mbamba (62-17) had a great start to the bout. The Belgian scored two knockdowns to take an early lead in round one. Mbamba caught Dimitrenko (19-7) with a spinning back fist as the Russian fighter moved away from a combination for the first down. Later in the round, Mbamba dropped Dimitrenko with a left jab. Dimitrenko came forward and applied pressure, but couldn’t land a big technique to change the fight’s outcome.

+80 kg: Piotr Romankevich (Belarus) def. Victor Vecherin (Russian Federation)-TKO (Low Kicks)
The last bout of the evening was a +80 kg contest between Belorussian standout Romankevich (29-12) and Vecherin (6-3). There were a lot of clinches in the bout as the taller Romankevich came forward. Vecherin scored with some looping punches on his taller opponent. Romankevich started to use the low kick effectively. In the extra round, Romankevich’s low kicks finished the fight. Vecherin went down and then took another count after receiving hard kicks, and the fight was soon stopped by the referee.

American kickboxing legend Don “The Dragon” Wilson attended the event. Wilson was on hand to present World Sports Oscar awards to Ademir da Costa, the Brazilian karate legend and also the Tatneft Cup promoter.

Also present at the event was boxing hall of famer Kostya Tsyzu.

The next Tatneft Cup event takes place on 11 June.

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