Tatneft Cup 2019: Quarterfinals Second Stage Results

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The second stage of the 2019 Tatneft Cup quarterfinals took place Saturday at the Tatneft Arena in the Russian city of Kazan.

Here are results.

If you haven’t seen the bouts yet, videos of yesterday’s fights are available on the Tatneft Cup YouTube channel.

70 kg: Miao Wei (China) def. Vladislav Ukrainets (Russia)-Advantage
Ukrainets (6-2, 5 KOs) pressured Wei (31-8, 23 KOs) behind a high guard, as the Chinese fighter looked to catch him coming in.

Wei landed a right hand that stunned Ukrainets in round one, and followed up with two more rights before knocking Ukrainets down with a final right, as Ukrainets attempted a spinning back fist. Ukrainets was hurt, and looked to hold on and clear his head.

The Russian recovered and connected with a few solid low kicks late in round two, and became more aggressive in round three. Wei landed more good right hands and tried a few spinning back fists.

80 kg: Sharabutdin Magomedov (Russia) def. Dominik Cinal (Poland)-Extra Round
Magomodev displayed an impressive arsenal in earning a clear decision against Cinal. The Russian (7-5, 6 KOs) landed quick, crisp jabs and sharp low kicks in round one, and began to connect with uppercuts in round two.

Cinal (7-4, 7 KOs) continued to come forward, but got the worst of the action, as Magomedov landed with a variety of techniques, including some hard body punches and a couple of high kicks. A body kick seemed to hurt Cinal late in the fight, and the decision was a formality.

+80 kg: Jegish Yegoian (Armenia) def. Gokhan Gedik (Turkey)-Extra Round
A match featuring fighters from two leading Dutch gyms failed to produce fireworks, as Yegoian won an extra round decision in a quiet bout in which few heavy blows were landed.

Gedik (18-5, 15 KOs), fighting out of Mike’s Gym, edged backward with a high guard and waited for Yegoian (38-7, 29 KOs) to lead.

Yegoian, representing the Hemmers Gym team, landed a few low kicks and tried some jumping kicks, but neither fighter really scored well in a slow four rounds.

70 kg: Ilya Sokolov (Russia) def. Aydin Kuchuk (France)-Extra Round
Sokolov (21-3, 15 KOs) landed effectively throughout the bout but couldn’t score a knockdown or eight count on the durable Kucuk (17-7, 12 KOs). It was a one-sided win for the Russian southpaw, who was fighting in his hometown of Kazan.

80 kg: Sher Mamazulunov (Uzbekistan) def. Futis Gkionis (Greece)-Extra Round
Two-time tournament champion Mamazulunov (17-3, 11 KOs) hurt Gkonis (16-5, 13 KOs) twice in the first round, with left hooks and right hands, but couldn’t score the knockdown.

The Uzbekistan native continued to get the better of the contest, but couldn’t finish the courageous Greek.

+80 kg: Piotr Romankevich (Belarus) def. Yan Petrovich (Russia)-TKO Round 3 (Low Kicks)
Romankevich’s low-kick attack paid dividends in round three, as he scored a knockdown on the damaged Petrovich. Petrovich wanted to continue, but received an eight count after he was hurt by another low kick. Romankevich (29-12, 22 KOs) followed up to Petrovich’s leg for another knockdown, and the referee stopped the fight. Romankevich, a former champion in the DSF league in Poland, was the stronger fighter throughout.

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