SFS Returns This Saturday: Interview With Director Amir Subasic

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After a one-year absence, one of Britain’s leading K-1 Rules promotions is back with an event this Saturday September 21.

Superfight Series Championship (SFS) presents SFS VIII: Pure Evolution at the Dunstable Conference Centre in the city of Dunstable, 30 km north of London.

Some may be surprised SFS 8 is taking place. There was talk of the promotion getting out of the kickboxing business after some issues with its last event, SFS 7.

Kickboxing Z caught up with SFS Director Amir Subasic to get his thoughts on the promotion’s return and future plans.

KickboxingZ: Last year, there was talk the Superfight Series would be finished. What made you decide to bring back SFS?

Amir Subasic: Last year was a very dark moment for SFS due to the last show being a full-on disaster. Too many issues to mention in detail and some let downs too, so that is why I decided to call it a day for the UK. Of course, the show itself did not disappoint as always, and delivered an amazing fight card and night.

We still had SFS Hungary that year (2018) in October, and this year (have) 3 Hungarian events with the 2nd event being SFS Hungary vs EM Legend. That brings SFS the 2nd time against the Chinese promotion. We drew, so let us see how Hungary will bare, and who knows Chinese promotion EM Legend might return to the UK again as they literally loved the experience and atmosphere.

SFS is back mainly due to my brother, best friend, and original business partner Paul Palcic being back on board. We sat down and made up a plan on how SFS can and should work, operate and function etc. We think we have the right formula in place for it to be the platform we set out to be for the British Industry and its great up and coming talent.
SFS is to have a very strong presence in the UK, with 5 planned events and as usual we have as always a few surprises up our sleeve. So all I can say is stay tuned.

KickboxingZ: One thing I noticed from watching SFS, is the team really puts a lot of effort into the matchmaking. A lot of 50-50 type fights. Any thing you’d like to say about Saturday’s fight card? Is there any match in particular you’re looking forward to?

Amir Subasic: The matchmaking for SFS, and I might add many UK K-1 shows, is done by me as I know the sport inside out. Paul and I on our famous road trips discuss fights and decide on most then and there…call it Magic.

I also run the Independent UK K-1 rankings so I hear a lot about the sport at all times. As a gym (Subasic trains fighters at the Storm Gym in Luton), we attend over 60 shows a year on average so that helps too. But I would like to say that SFS as a product is the one that gets the best out of the fighters on fight day. What can I say? They simply deliver time after time so full-on respect to them and their coaches and gyms!!!

For SFS VIII Pure Evolution, I look forward to all fights and would not like to pull any single one out. Most will be nail biting events-SFS Style guaranteed.

Thank you to the loyal gyms and fighters. Together, we will make the impact we deserve and need. The next best thing is ready to shine in the arena of the square for sure.

KickboxingZ: I understand this is not a one time thing, and SFS has plans for more shows in 2020. Can you talk a little about that?

Amir Subasic: Yes, as previously mentioned we have 5 events penciled in for 2020, all in the Dunstable Conference Centre, our new home. (We) are ready to deliver events to be remembered. I think closer to (the) date we can discuss the new things we are to present.

KickboxingZ: Two of your top fighters are Nicola Barke and Giannis Skordilis. I understand Nicola is fighting a lethwei match in Myanmar next month. Any updates on the Greekboy?

Amir Subasic: Yes, they are and Nicola is ready to smash it on WLC (World Lethwei Championship). She by the way has moved permanently to Leeds now, and will attend the event with her new gym GOLDEN TEAM and her coach Padraic McDonagh. I wish them the very best of luck of course, and look forward hearing of the KO win.

Giannis aka GREEKBOY has for now retired as he started a new job. Likewise,the very best of luck to him in his endeavours.

KickboxingZ: Is there anything else you’d like to say or anyone you’d like to thank?

Amir Subasic: I would like to thank the whole SFS Team that runs SFS like a Swiss clock, and especially Operations Manager Paul Lonergan. He is the man; his two loyal assistants the right and left hand Joe Newitt and Sian Hall. The judging team: referee Nash Keshwala and judges Steve Gladstone, Panny Constantinou and Ade Phillips. Time keeper Farhaan Farooqi. All the Storm Gym Helpers, etc.

Sponsors KING TAPE, KING BXNG, Palcic Taekwondo, Storm Gym and Trill Construction.

Main thank you to the gyms,coaches, fighters and their loyal fans.

SFS VIII: Pure Evolution Fight Card

This Saturday’s main card features 14 bouts, featuring both up-and-coming talent and established veterans. Chase Morton battles the hard-hitting Valentin Mogos in the evening’s finale, while Polish warrior Dominik Matusz faces Marcel “IQ” Adeyemi.

Exciting SFS veteran Andy “Tornado” Turland returns to the organization to face Sami Salem.

Full fight card (below).

For ticket information, fans can visit the Superfight Series Championship page on Facebook (@superfightseries).

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