RISE Champion Nasukawa Responds to McGregor Challenge

Unbeaten RISE Kickboxing champion Tenshin Nasukawa responded yesterday to Conor McGregor’s challenge.

McGregor, a former UFC champion, posted a message on his Instagram account recently that expressed an interest in an MMA exhibition match against the popular Nasukawa. Nasukawa, of course, competed against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition match before a large crowd in Tokyo last month. Kicking, knees and elbows were not allowed in the Mayweather-Nasukawa exhibition, and Mayweather easily outclassed the smaller Japanese fighter in the boxing-only match. Because the bout was an exhibition, the first round stoppage defeat doesn’t count on Nasukawa’s official record.

Nasukawa said he’s willing to battle the braggadocious Irishman, providing the bout is under kickboxing rules and in the Japanese champion’s natural weight category:

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