Rico Manager: No New Deal Yet

Rico With Belt

Dutch website Vechtsport Info NLspoke to Mr. Karim Erja, the manager of Rico Verhoeven, GLORY Heavyweight champion.

Erja updated the website on the status of ongoing contract negotiations. It was recently reported by websites in Holland and the Russian Federation Verhoeven is a contractual free agent.

According to Erja, no new contract has been finalized between The King of Kickbocksen and the GLORY organization. Erja also told Vechtsport Info “all options are still open. GLORY knows what we want to see in a new contract.” (Translated)

Erja stated Team Rico was approached by more than one interested party, but first preference is to remain with GLORY.

The representative also commented to the website about the recent doping controversy. In January, a Dutch tv program reported Badr Hari, Hesdy Gerges, Mladen Brestovac, and Ariel Machado failed drug tests and faced suspension.

“It is interesting to see how GLORY handles this, especially in view of the long suspensions that are being discussed,” Erja said.

“Rico himself is regularly tested, he wants this too. His strength lies in the fact that he always trains as if he has an upcoming fight, Rico represents a clean sport without doping,” he said (translated).

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Photo Courtesy of James Law/GLORY Sports International

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