Phoenix 7 Results from Bangkok

Phoenix Fighting Championship returned to Thailand Saturday for their seventh event for an event at the Patong Boxing Stadium in Phuket. The fight card was stacked-with nine fights featuring a number of decorated Thai champions. Here are the results. A replay of the event is available to watch free of charge on Fite TV.

Youssef Boughanem TKO3 Payakdam Extra Cole Film (Wins IBF and Retains Phoenix 160lb Title)
Youssef had the edge early with his hands. In the third, he turned up the pressure and wore down Payakdam, scoring with some body kicks. After Youssef landed a right leg to the body, Payakdam started to turn his back and the referee stopped the fight giving Boughanem the TKO victory.

Seksan Or Kwang Muang UD5 Rodlek PK Saenchai (Retains WBC Muay Thai Title)
Seksan used a quick jab to set up body kicks and knees. He got the better of the action in the clinch. Rodlek was able to connect with some punches and elbows, and a Rodlek elbow cut Seksan above the left eye in the fourth round. Rodlek got the better of the action later in the fight, but Seksan had built up a lead over the first three rounds.

Gaonar PK Saenchai WD5 Phetwason Aor Daokajai (Retains Phoenix 130lb Title)
Good fight between two skilled Muay Thai fighters. Gaonar got the better of the action. According to the commentators, it was only Phet’s ninth fight while Gaonar has much more experience.

Petchmorakot Wor Songpapai TKO2 Mohamed Souanne (Wins Phoenix 149lb Championship)
Petchmorakot fought off the back foot in the first round, working his teep. In the second, the Thai came out fast and landed an elbow that busted Souane open. The gash was on the top of the head. The blood affected Souane and the referee took a look and stopped the fight.

Taksila Chor Hapayak WD5 Lobo Elite Fight Club (Wins Phoenix 140lb Championship)
Taksila’s takedowns may have been the difference in what seemed to be a close fight between two skilled Muay Thai practitioners. 49-48 was the score on all cards.

Carlos Prates KO2 Jacob Thomas Ginter
The more experienced Prates picked Ginter apart before finishing Ginter with a knee to the body set up by punches upstairs in the second. Ginter had taken some solid kicks to the body earlier. Big difference in experience-Brazil’s Prates has around 70 fights and America’s Ginter less than 20.

Fabian Hundt TKO3 Jomsalat Sit
Germany’s Hundt dropped the Thai with a right elbow early in the third round. Jomsalat got up, but Hundt kept up the pressure and dropped him with a right hand. Jomsalat tried to fight back, going for broke with punches but another right dropped him and the fight was stopped.

Arthur Meyer Singpatong TKO2 Zhou Ming
France’s Meyer was the sharper fighter. He made Ming miss and landed some solid low kicks. Near the end of the first round, Meyer had Ming trapped on the ropes but the bell rang. In the second, Meyer kept working the low kicks. Ming started to get back into the fight a little, but Meyer landed a low kick that hurt Ming and the ref gave Ming an eight count. Ming’s leg was bad-he could not put much weight on it. Meyer landed a couple of punches that dropped Ming. He got up but his leg was in bad shape and the fight was stopped.

Jeremy PSM Fighter WD3 Chok Eminent Air
The bigger Jeremy took the fight to Chok, who is much more experienced with over 150 fights. The New Caledonia fighter won a clear decision as he landed some good strikes on the Thai veteran.

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