News: Phoenix 7 Streaming on FB, Perviz Abdullayev, Karate Results

Phoenix 7 to Air on Facebook
Phoenix Fighting Championship 7 will air on Facebook beginning at 2000 local Bangkok time, the promoter announced on social media today. The Muay Thai event is headlined by title bouts between Youssef Boughanem and Payakdum Extra Cole Flim for the Phoenix 160lb title and a WBC Muay Thai 140lb title fight. There are also three more Phoenix title fights on the undercard. Germany’s Fabian Hunt is a late addition to the card. Hunt replaces Anas Singpatong and will face Thai Jomsalad Sit Jor. in a 160lb contest.

Karate Combat Results
Karate Combat Inception Poster
Karate Combat held their first official event Thursday night in Florida. Karate Combat: Inception Miami was surprisingly entertaining. Three of the four matches ended by KO or TKO, and a number of fighters seemed to be very skilled karateka.

The rules are unusual. The gloves are four ounces like MMA and are thumbless. Fighters cannot knee, elbow, or throw low kicks between the knee and hip. Throws, single leg takedowns, and sweeps are allowed, and if a fighter is taken down then the fighter on top can ground and pound for 5 seconds. The bouts take place in the “Karate Combat Pit”, which features a surrounding wall at a 45 degree angle fighters can use to launch attacks off of.

Here are the results.

Elhadji Ndour (Senegal) UD3 Adras Virag (Hungary)-The Senegalese fighter scored with some good kicks and tried to open up late in the second round to take Virag out. It seemed like every time Virag threw a meaningful technique, Ndour would answer back. Ndour had the superior firepower pure and simple. All three judges scored the fight 30-27 for “Black Magic” Ndour.

“I feel great. I feel very very excited and very happy at the same time. Every champion has a journey. My journey is here,” said Ndour to the interviewer after the fight.

Dionicio Gustavo (Dominican Republic) TKO1 Alexander Bouderbane (FRA)
Gustavo landed a couple of nice right hands early because Bouderbane was rushing in. Shortly thereafter, Gustavo stepped in with a long right hand that hurt Bouderbane. Bouderbane ate another right on the way to falling to the canvas, and the bout was waved off at the 42 second mark.

“I feel very good. I wish the fight lasted a little bit longer,” Gustavo told the interviewer. “For all the talking, I told it would be an easy fight. I’d like to say hello to everybody in the Dominican Republic.”

Abdallah Ibrahim (Egypt) KO1 Josh Quayhagen (USA)
The fight started well with some good action early. Ibrahim countered a Quayhagen low kick with a right-left combo and the Louisiana fighter landed on his face. This one was over at the 56 second mark. Great win for Ibrahim.

Spyros Margaritopolous (Greece) TKO2 Mohamed Sale Mohamed
Margaritopolous landed a couple of good body kicks in the first round, and also scored with a single leg takedown. Margaritopolous initiated the action while Mohamed remained defensive. Mohamed looked to land a technique off the wall. In the second round, the Greek karateka threw a right hand to the body followed by a left upstairs that hurt Mohamed. Mohamed went down and was turning his back as Margaritopolous threw follow up punches, and referee Jorge Alonso waved off the bout.

Sean Wheelock and Bas Rutten called the action for Karate Combat. The event was streamed live and free on YouTube, Fite TV, Pluto, and on the website. The replay is available on the Karate Combat YouTube channel.

The next Karate Combat event is scheduled for Wednesday May 23 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Abdullayev Receives Hero’s Welcome in Azerbaijan
Perviz Abdullayev, the newly crowned ACB KB 77kg champion, received a hero’s welcome on his return to his native country of Azerbaijan, according to promoter ACB. Abdullayev outlasted Islam Baibatyrov to capture the title April 20 in Moscow. Abdullayev took some good shots from Baibatyrov but Baibatyrov wore himself out and the fight was halted after the third round.

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