News & Notes: Simson Confident of Beating Jaraya, WGP Results

g51ss“Punisher” Simson Confident of Beating Jaraya
Miles “The Punisher” Simson is confident he’ll beat Mohamed Jaraya when the two Netherlands based fighters make their Glory debuts Saturday at the Glory 51 Superfight Series. The Suriname fighter thinks he’ll be too smart for his Moroccan counterpart.

“He’s a fighter that pressures a lot. Uses his boxing. His low kicks a lot.,” Simson said in an interview the promotion posted on YouTube. “I look at him as a one dimensional fighter. I’m a third dimensional fighter. I will attract and anticipate on every move hes make. March 3-everyone can witness that.”

Jaraya and Simson both have over 70 fights. Jaraya’s record is listed at 69-6, and Simson is a solid 64-12(25). This is Jaraya’s first fight at welterweight however. Previously, the 21 year old Jaraya competed at 67kg and 70kg. Simson thinks his bigger size will be a factor.

“He’s fighting a solid welterweight,” he said. “I been a welterweight for a very long time, and moving from lightweight to welterweight is a big step.”

“I respect him for that. Fighter wanna make a statement and move up a division. Like I said man, it’s gonna be a different story and it’s gonna be punishment.”

WGP #44 Results from Brazil
Brazilian promotion WGP held their latest event Friday night in Sao, Paulo, Brazil. The card featured a WGP title bout, some super fights, and also a four man tournament to determine a new title challenger. Here are the results.

WGP Results February 23
Bruno Gazani UD5 Marcelo Dionisio (WGP Title Bout 71.8 KG)
Emiliano Sordi SD Alexandre Sagat
Robson Minotinho KO3 Mateus Gatti (Wins 71.8 KG Tournament)
Aline Pereira UD Mayza Borges (Female, 60KG)
Diego Piovesan UD Felipe Artillero (60 KG)
Eliezer Silva SD Daniel Dias
Robson Minotinho KO1 Antonio Luciano (71.8 KG Tournament Semifinal 2)
Mateus Gatti KO1 Fabrizio Flamig (71.8 KG Tournament Semifinal 1)

KOK Adds Dates to Schedule
KOK announced some new dates to their 2018 schedule Saturday during the KOK 54 broadcast. The promotion returns to Moldova for KOK 56, which takes place on Saturday March 24. KOK 57 will take place on Saturday June 16 in Finland, and the KOK Summer Special Edition will take place a week later in Cyprus.

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