Kickboxing News and Notes: Grigorian gets his due, Buakaw, Lion Fight Results

Grigorian Wins the Big One
You had to feel good for Marat Grigorian as he celebrated Sunday in the Guiyang, China ring with his corner after savagely knocking out Superbon Banchamek to win the Kunlun Fight 2017 70 KG tournament. The Belgian fighter, who is of Armenian descent, has paid his dues over the years.

He’s lost on points three times to current Glory lightweight champion Sittichai, and two of the losses were a split and majority decision. His other losses include decisions to Thai legend Yodsonklai Fairtex, Glory champion Robin Van Roosmalen (another split decision), and other former champions in Serhiy Adamchuk and Karim Ghajji. Grigorian also has never been stopped, despite facing some elite level opposition.

Simply put, you have to be good to beat Grigorian. Very good. He’s tall, physically strong, hits hard, and as the Kunlun fight commentators pointed out, his defense is underrated. It’s good to see the 26 year old getting some recognition for the win. He’s earned it the hard way-in the ring.

Grigorian challenged Buakaw Banchamek in the postfight interview. It’s an natural, given Buakaw and Superbon train at the same gym and it gives Buakaw a chance to avenge his gymmate’s devastating defeat. For Grigorian, it’s the chance to knock off a legend, and given his performances Saturday night it may not be wise to bet against him.

Buakaw Heading to United Arab Emirates for Title Fight

Buakaw won’t face Grigorian in his next fight. The Thai legend will be fighting for the Enfusion 70 KG  title on March 9 against champion Jonay Risco of Spain at Enfusion #63 in Abu Dhabi. Recently signed heavyweight Levi Righters will fight on the card against Bruno Susano of Portugal, and heavyweight Ismael Lazaar is also scheduled to appear on the show.

Lion Fights 40 Results

It was a busy weekend in kickboxing, with Yodsonklai fighting in WLF, the huge Kunlun show, and smaller events in Europe and the United States. Lion Fights 40 took place Saturday night at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT.

Chip Moraza-Pollard successfully defended his cruiserweight belt in the main event, and there were two other title fights along with some prelims and amateur fights. Here are the results of the pro fights.

Chip Moraza WUD5 Slava Alexeichik (Retains Lionfight Cruiserweight title)

Lerdsila PhuketTopTeam WUD5 Alexi Serepisos (Retains Lionfight Lightweight title)

Brett Hlavacek WSD5 5 Elijah Clarke (North American Light Heavyweight title)

Steve Walker TKO 2 Cole Fetzner (Super Cruiserweights)

PJ Sweda TKO3 Cris Mims (Middleweights)

Julio Pena TKO2 Isaac Tijerina (Lightweights)

Mike Triana TKO4 Johncy Lindor (Lightweights)

Cody Laskar WUD5 Brian Bogue (Super Middleweights)

Tom Evans TKO1 Johnny Adams (Middleweight)


Aaron Ortiz WUD3 Connor Fenton (Middleweights)

Jurrell Laronal WMD3 Shaun Shubert (Middleweights)

Lucky Henry WSD3 Ross Levine (Light Heavyweight)

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