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Enfusion Talents Saturday
Prior to Saturday’s big Enfusion 65 card at the Zilina Ice Hockey Stadium, some up and coming fighters will compete on another edition of Enfusion Talents. The action is scheduled to start at 1900 local time (CEST time zone), which is one hour ahead of London and 1300 EST and 10 am PST. The action will be broadcast live on the Enfusion Live website (subscription required). Here is the fight card.

Andrea Tóthová vs Kamila Eliasova-60kg Female
Miroslav Špirko vs. Milan Kratochvila-80kg
Martin Ozanik vs. Jozef Janotik-71kg
Jakub Sloviak vs. Dominik Tábor-71kg
Vladimir Konsky v. Przemyslav Goss 72.5kg-Muay Thai bout
Tomaš Šenkyr vs Igor Lyokhin-85kg

All fights are 3 rounds of 3 minutes except the Konsky-Goss bout which will be under Muay Thai rules. This is Enfusion’s second show in two weeks, with events scheduled for Saturday May 5 in Tenerife, Spain and Saturday May 12 in the Netherlands coming up.

DSF Ukraine Update
DSF: Ukraine takes place on Saturday May 5 and will be broadcast on Today, the promotion announced that there will be a Poland versus Ukraine challenge series on the event. There will be 5 bouts pitting Polish fighters against Ukrainian counterparts. DSF held a similar Poland v. Russia series on their last event, with Poland winning the challenge by the score of 3-2.

Here are the match ups for the Poland vs. Ukraine fights to be held on DSF Ukraine. The Polish fighters are listed first.
67 kg: Michał Polak v. Bohdan Baziuk
67 kg: Michał Królik Yaroslav Patient
71 kg: Adam Gielata v. Sviatoslav Hasiuk
75 kg: Piotr Sokół Zawodnik v. Yevhen Klymenko
81 kg: Bartek Domalik v. Oleksandr Pavliuk

Karate Combat Streaming Free on Fite TV Thursday
Karate Combat Inception Poster
Karate Combat will broadcast an event free on Fite TV Thursday at 930pm EST/630pm PST. Karate Combat is a new promotion that features karate champions facing each other in 3 round fights with rules that allow punches, kicks, and some throws and takedowns. Knees and elbows are not permitted. The league held a private event in February in Hungary, and this is the first event of the new season. The fights don’t take place in a ring, but in the “Karate Combat pit”.

Analysis: It will be interesting to see how the league does. Personally, I think it’s a mistake that the fighters only wear gi pants and not gi jackets in the fights. Wearing a complete karate uniform gives casual viewers a greater impression of the sport representing traditional karate as opposed to being just another fighting event. Gi tops would also allow sponsorship opportunities for the fighters/promoters.

I am also not sold on the “karate combat pit” as opposed to a regular ring. The ring in many countries is synonymous with combat sports (excluding MMA), and other promotions that tried a “pit” or other alternative fighting structure all failed (YAMMA MMA, BKB Boxing, etc).

It will be interesting to see how the Karate Combat promotion fares in the crowded combat sports marketplace. While it’s true that many people throughout the world practice the ancient and beautiful art of karate, no promoter has been able to translate consumer familiarity and interest into a large and long term financial success. Shidokan had a decent run on ESPN2 but you don’t hear much about the Shidokan Challenge anymore.

Regardless, as a fight fan, I wish them the best and will cheer for them but it will not be easy when there are so many combat sports and promotions competing for fight fans time and attention.

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