New York Muay Thai Results

Friday Night Fights held an event Friday night in New York at the Broad Street Ballroom. The event was streamed live on UFC Fight Pass. In the main event, Ognjen Topic retained his WKA title with a unanimous decision over Travis Clay. Troy Sheridan of Canada and local Ariel Abrieu also picked up wins in pro bouts.

Ognjen Topic UD5 Travis Clay (Retains WKA Professional U.S. Lightweight Title)
Topic retained his title by unanimous decision over Clay in an entertaining battle between two technicians. Topic landed rear body kicks to the southpaw Clay’s body throughout the bout, and hurt the Arizona fighter with a knee to the body in the last round. Clay was able to score with some quality kicks and punches, but Topic was the harder striker and also landed a couple of good elbows in close. Topic, who trains locally and competes internationally, is now 17-5(3). Arizona’s Clay, who fights out of the Sitan Gym, is 10-3(6). Scores were 49-46 and 48-47 twice.

Troy Sheridan UD3 Pavel Zawistowski (Pro Middleweight, Glory Rules)         
Sheridan, who fights out of Toronto and trains under Bazooka Joe, looked sharp in his return to the ring after a layoff since 2013. Sheridan worked the jab well both offensively and defensively, and used it to set up his right hand and low kicks. In the third, Zawistowski ate some clean shots late. Zawistowski was game but outskilled and lost by scores of 30-27 twice and 29-28. Sheridan improves to 9-2(3). Zawistowski is 5-2(2).

Ariel Abrieu MD5 Alex Berrios (Pro Cruiserweight, Full Muay Thai Rules)                     
The power punching Abrieu improved his record to 4-0 as a pro with a unanimous decision over the unlucky Berrios. Abrieu was credited with three knockdowns from punches, but at least once Berrios seemed to be off balance after throwing a kick. (No replays shown on broadcast). Berrios, the taller fighter, had the better of the action for long stretches, as he used his kicks to keep distance. Abrieu mainly rushed in with punches and fought in spurts. Scores were 48-44, 48-45, and 46-46.

Terrell Harewood UD3 Jayh Rodriguez (Class B-elbow pads and 2 minute rounds)      Harewood’s better boxing won him a unanimous decision in a three round slug fest. The bout was fast paced, and Harewood was able to land the uppercut a number of times. A lot more punching than kicking in this fight. Rodriguez’s left eye was swollen but he kept coming forward in every round.                                                                                          

Malcolm Hill SD3 Mark Marrero  (Class B-elbow pads and 2 minute rounds)             
The two fighters were evenly matched, as evidenced by their identical 13-4-1 records. Marrero pushed the action for most of the fight, but came up short by scores of 49-46 and 47-48 twice.

Grace Aveen UD3 Jillian Basserdet (117 lbs Female, Class B Amateur)                               
Aveen, fighting out of New York via Ireland, is the taller fighter but likes to come straight ahead with punches into the clinch. There was a good amount of clinching with both fighters trying to land short knees to the legs, etc. Basserdet tried for a few spinning back elbows, and landed one partially in the last round. Aveen got the better of the action and won 29-28 on all three judges’ scorecards.

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