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Mix Fight Championship 25 took place today in Frankfurt, Germany. A sold out crowd at the Fraport Arena in Frankfurt witnessed another entertaining event from the promotion, that featured four heavyweight bouts.

In the main event, Selcuk Ustabasi made quick work of Olda Pospisil.

Enriko Kehl shined before the partisan crowd. The German fighter looked sharp in defeating Mohammed El Mir by second round stoppage.

Danyo Ilunga moved up in weight to battle Britain’s James McSweeney. Size and strength prevailed, as McSweeney scored a last round stoppage over the African veteran with a spinning back fist.

+100 kg: Selcuk Ustabasi (TUR) def. Olda Pospisil (CZE)-KO Round 1
This bout did not last long. Early in round one, Ustabasi threw a punch combo and ended with a kick to the body. Pospisil went down and did not beat the count. It looked like the right uppercut and body kick both landed. The whole bout lasted less than a minute. Ustabasi, who defeated Bob Sapp in January, is a former street fighter turned kickboxer with a lot of power. He improves to 10-0(5). Popsisil is now listed at 10-1.

+100 kg: Viktor Bogutzki (RUS) def. F. Rudolph-KO Round 1 (Punches)
Russian fighter Bogutzki needed less than a minute to dispose of late substitute Rudolph Frater. Punches knocked down Frater seconds into the bout, and he was knocked down again moments later leading to a stoppage.

-72.5 kg: Enriko Kehl (DEU) def. Mohammed El Mir (DNK)-KO Round 2 (Kehl Retains Mix Fight Championship 72.5 kg Kickboxing Title)
Kehl was too sharp for challenger El Mir. In round one, he dropped El Mir with a knee to the body, and had the Danish fighter covering up on the ropes near the end of the round. In round two, Kehl continued to mix his combinations nicely, backing up El Mir to the ropes. With El Mir on the ropes, Kehl opened up, with a left punch getting through that dropped El Mir. El Mir arose but the referee ruled he failed to beat the count. Kehl improves to 47-14(27). El Mir is now 76-13.

-+100 kg: James McSweeney (GBR) def. Danyo Ilunga (COD)-KO Round 3 (Spinning Back Fist)
McSweeney prevailed over fellow veteran Ilunga in an entertaining battle. The Brit appeared to partially connect with a high kick early, and moments later dropped Ilunga, who normally fights at 95 kg, with a left hook. Ilunga regrouped, and had the edge later in the round, backing up the bigger McSweeney. Ilunga had the edge in round two. The Congolese fighter mixed his punches with low kicks and knees to the body, and McSweeney seemed to tire. In round three, after a restart, McSweeney caught Ilunga cleanly with a spinning back fist that dropped him. Ilunga got up but was groggy and counted out. Big win for McSweeney.

-84 kg: Juri De Sausa (PRT) DRAW Samir Al Mansouri (MAR)
Mansouri, fighting from the southpaw stance, pressured De Sausa and scored with some low kicks and punches in round one. De Sausa had a better round two, and Al Mansouri was breathing heavily near the end of the round. De Sausa outlanded Al Mansouri in the last round, and it seemed like he had done enough to win but the judges ruled the bout a draw. De Sausa is now 26-1-6. Mansouri is now 35-1-5.

72.5 kg (Muay Thai): Arbi Emiev (RUS) def. Sebastian Mendez (DEU)-KO Round 2 (Punches)
This was a Muay Thai bout held under traditional rules: No gloves, just the hand wraps.

Round one featured a lot of clinching. Mendez had a body lock and worked knees to the body. Later, he had Emiev in a side headlock position but Emiev slipped out. Emiev landed a good right hand early in round two. Moments later, he let his hands go with Mendez near the ropes, and some clean shots landed and felled Mendez. Mendez spit out his mouthpiece. His corner threw in the towel and the bout was halted.

-84 kg: Atakan Arslan (TUR) def. Roman Hein (DEU)-Decision (non-title bout)
Arslan beat Hein by decision in a tactical bout. Hein scored effectively with his left jab. Arslan’s techniques seemed to carry more power. Arslan, the promotion’s middleweight champion, improves to 24-0-7(19). His title was not at stake. Hein is now 14-0-4(3).

-70 kg (Muay Thai): Juri Kehl (DEU) def. Jason “Mad Hatter” Hinds (USA)-Unanimous Decision (Kehl Retains Mix Fight Championship Muay Thai Title)
Kehl was a level above his less-experienced American opponent, neutralizing his offense and controlling the action. Kehl landed a nice right uppercut-spinning back elbow combo in round one, and knocked him down with the same sequence in round two. Kehl improves to 53-0-7(26). Hinds is now 6-0-3(2).

-77 kg: Arian Sadikovic (BIH) def. Sergej Braun (DEU)-Split Decision
Not much separated the fighters in round one. In round two, Sadikovic got inside and let his hands go. Braun threw a spinning back kick up high, and Sadikovic made a gesture with his gloves and kept attacking. In round three, Braun seemed to score more points, mixing his punches nicely to the body and head. It was an excellent contest, and the judges favored Sadikovic’s aggression and harder blows. Sadikovic improves to 10-0-2(4). Braun is now 25-0-9(16).

+100 kg: Sergiu Calin (ROU) def. Maiwand Awarhey (AFG)-TKO Round 1
Calin dominated the fight. He hurt Awarhey and had the Afghan fighter trapped in the corner, before he dropped him with punches. Awarhey got up, but he was in trouble and went down again, and the fight was stopped by Awarheys corner.

The event was broadcast in 60 countries on Fight Box HD. Daniel Austin called the action, while Tobias Gerald was the ring announcer.

During the main card, a charity exhibition bout took place between Sefer “Mr. Mix Fight” Goktepe and Shemsi Beqiri.

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