Meksen: “I Want to Destroy Her”

Meksen Winner Picture

Heading into her Saturday rematch with rival Tiffany Van Soest, GLORY Super Bantamweight Champion Anissa Meksen promises a more aggressive effort.

“The first time, I fought a clever fight. I didn’t want to take too much risk. I just wanted to get the belt,” Meksen recalled, speaking to the GLORY YouTube Channel.

“But this time will be a different fight. This time I want to destroy her.”

In a tactical battle in New York in December 2017, Meksen scored effectively as the shorter Van Soest got into range or withdrew. The French fighter landed the low kick regularly, and also held her own with the Muay Thai stylist in the clinch.

As the bout wore on, Van Soest became more aggressive, but Meksen never faltered and prevailed by unanimous decision. Official scores were 49-46 (twice) and 48-47.

“Tiffany is a smart fighter and has good movement,” Meksen said of Van Soest. “She’s got good kicks and good punches. A very complete fighter. The best I ever had.”

Since her victory over Van Soest, Meksen has lost and regained the title. She relinquished the belt by highly controversial split decision to Jady Menezes last summer, but regained the crown with an emphatic TKO win in the rematch in November.

Meksen fought more aggressively in the return bout with Menezes, and plans to continue with the style.

“From now on I want to win all of my fights by knock out,” she said.

“I’m not looking for the knock out. But if I fight this way, the knock outs will come.”

“Since four years I am the number one female fighter in the world,” she said. “That’s a status I want to maintain. That’s what I want to prove in this fight.”

“After this fight I will still be the number one.”

Photo Courtesy of James Law/GLORY Sports International

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